9 ways to get more YouTube video views

YouTube, as you all know, is one of the most popular website on planet earth. Right now it is the second most popular website according to the Alexa rankings. With growing number of publishers on YouTube, it is becoming very difficult for newbies to survive. It was mentioned on merchdope.com that 10113 YouTube videos generated 1 billion views. That's huge. Not only this, on average, each day YouTube gets around 1,000,000,000 video views. 

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When I first made a YouTube channel I got 10 views in 7 days and out of those 10 views, 8 views were my own. Before making the channel I was expecting thousands of views everyday but the reality was quite different. It is not that easy to get views on your videos. You may have come across hundreds of websites telling you how they got a million views in one month but trust me, most of them are lies. These kinds of false claims are made just to attract more visitors and are in reality, far away from the truth. In today's post I'm going to tell you how you can actually get more video views. I don't promise you millions of views but by following the techniques you may get hundreds or even thousands of views (happened in my case). So here you go! 

1. Using Quora to spread your content

Quora is a forum that gets thousands of views daily. When I first made a YouTube channel I didn't know how to promote it. I was searching for some helpful tips online when I came across Quora. People had published their opinions and that is when I noticed it. There was an answer with over 40,000 views and the man had given a link to his YouTube video. I was impressed by his answer and decided to open up the link. The video had around 1 million views and it was not even that good. That moment I realized that I should use Quora to spread my content. So I made an account on Quora and searched for relevant questions. Then I wrote an answer and shared my video too. Few days later I was surprised to see 300 views on that video. The video was about recovering a lost snapchat streak. Views kept on coming daily and right now it is close to getting 7000 views. Here, have a look at it yourself. 

Squirrel productions

This video made me realize how easy it was to promote your hard work. So people who are looking to get some legitimate video views, use Quora to spread your content. You can also use other forums. The only thing you should keep in mind is that your videos should have the quality that would attract more views. Never use misleading captions otherwise you may get banned. 

2. Use attractive titles


Titles are the key to success. If you have made a good quality video but you have not selected the right title, your hard work will go down the drain. Your title must describe clearly what the video is about and it should be phrased in such a way that people would want to open it. You can use emojis, exclamation marks, question marks, whatever makes it attractive. A simple boring title will repel people and they are going to open your competitor's video just because it has a more attractive title. Consider doing some keyword research before selecting the title of the video. Popular keywords have more chance of getting discovered. Plus, they also help you to get more visitors from search engines like Google. 

3. Thumbnails

Attractive thumbnails
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Thumbnails are a visual summary of what your video is about. Always make your thumbnails attractive. You can use your own picture with a shocking expression or you can use a famous animated character in your thumbnails. Whenever I search for a video, there's a 90% chance I will watch the video that will have a good thumbnail. For example, If you're making a video related to online jobs, you can use dollar signs and a luxury item in your thumbnail. This will attract more people as it will show them the future they can create working online. Your thumbnail should have a message for the visitor. A message that the visitor would want to interpret by watching the whole video. When I used to post videos to YouTube, I used pxlr application to design my thumbnails. You can search for a suitable application on google playstore if you're using an android device or you can download a software on your computer. A good title with an attractive thumbnail is secret to success. 

4. Create playlists

This is one of the most effective ways to get more video views. Group your content into playlists. Suppose you have a YouTube channel where you publish short tutorials. You can create a playlist of the tutorials that are related to smartphones and you can also create a playlist of the tutorials that are related to web development. The point is, make relevant playlists and see the magic. Whenever someone searches for a video there's a good chance that they would watch a related video too. Now if your videos are organised in a playlist then instead of watching someone else's video, the visitor may want to watch more of your related videos. This way you get more watch time and more video views. Suppose if 10 visitors open up a playlist and each of them watches 2 videos, you will get 20 video views. Two times more!

5. Social Networking

social networking
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Use social networks to spread your work. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are all networks that are used by millions of people. Grow your circle by making new friends and sharing your content with them. When you publish a video, share it on Whatsapp and Facebook and all social networks that you use. Your videos need to be discovered by people. Use relevant hashtags when writing a caption on Facebook and Twitter and you will notice an increase in the number of views your video gets. The good thing is, only those people will watch your videos who are actually interested. This way you will get a better watch time and this will improve your video's position in the search results. I personally have used this technique and it works every time. You get at least 8-10 views immediately after publishing the video. Again, use the power of your words to take full advantage! 

6. Embed videos on your own website

A great way to promote your videos and get more views is to make your own website or blog and embed your videos there. When I started my YouTube channel, I created a free blog using blogger and I started to embed my YouTube videos. It took me a month before I started receiving traffic on my blog but it proved to be very successful. Around 300 views every month came from my blog. You can also make an official website of your YouTube channel and this way you will have a more chance of getting discovered by people. Plus, you can monetize your website and earn through it. If you don't want to spend money on a custom domain name, you can make a free blog on Wordpress, Blogger or Wix. The best part is, you need no coding skills to start!

7. Attract more subscribers

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Subscribers are the heart of a channel. Without the heart, the channel won't stay alive. A subscriber is someone who likes your content and decides to subscribe to your channel so when in future you post a video, He/She gets notified. To get more subscribers you need to work really hard. Post good quality videos and try to catch attention of your audience. Boring videos may get visitors once but not every time. The key to success is getting more subscribers on your channel. There are many websites selling subscribers, never use them. Most of the subscribers they 'sell' are bots and the few real subscribers you get, they unsubscribe you. Work hard, upload quality content, make your videos interesting and think out of the box to attract real subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more views your videos will get!

8. Upload videos regularly

Be active all the time. Upload videos daily or weekly to keep your channel alive. Make your videos interesting and mention the date when you're planning to upload your next video. This way people would be excited to see what's coming next and they would wait for that day to come. If you are going to post once a month, people are going to forget your channel and the hype would vanish resulting in lots of people unsubscribing your channel. To keep your audience connected to the channel, upload videos regularly. 2 videos every week are enough to reach your goals but always remember one thing, never compromise the quality for the quantity.


9. Advertise

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If you have planned some budget for your YouTube channel then the best way to allocate it is to advertise your videos not only on YouTube but also on different social networks. You can use Google Adsense to advertise online or you can use Facebook ads to advertise on Facebook. This way you will reach millions of people, depending on your budget. 2 years ago, I advertised a post on Facebook. The 1 dollar that I spent gave me around 3000 impressions which was quite impressive. The number of impressions and clicks depend on the target location and the budget being allocated. For example, targeting audience in America is expensive compared to the audience of Pakistan. You can check the current advertising rates by visiting Facebook. Moreover, you can also advertise you links on Twitter and other social networks. So make a plan and start working!


Getting more video views on YouTube is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, there are millions of users of the website but to get attention you need to do something new. The 9 tips mentioned above are very effective. Use each technique cleverly and you will surely reach your goal. Never buy views through any website because 99% of those views are fake and may get you banned. In the past many accounts have been banned due to this reason. The only way to 'buy' more views is to advertise your videos legally and attract people with the similar interest. You must work hard and efficiently if you really want to survive on YouTube. Even if you don't get the desired result, don't give up, every popular publisher was once a newbie with 5-10 views. Hope for the best!

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