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Earn up to $1000 with

With the passage of time, URL shortners have gained popularity. More and more people are joining hundreds of different shortners and some of them are even earning up to $1000 per month. After some deep research on this topic, I found out that some publishers have earned thousands of dollars with these services while others are stuck with just a few cents in their wallets. The link shortner services work differently for different people. The algorithm is the same but the geographical factors make a great impact on the earnings of every individual. People who attract traffic from high income countries earn more than the people who attract traffic from low income countries. This is one reason why some people are so happy with the results while others feel betrayed. Today I'm going to talk about the famous URL shortner website, and I'm going to write down the complete details of this service. So let's begin. 

(Source: Pixabay - Free for commercial use) is one of the oldest and most popular URL shortner. The company pays you for almost every click you receive on the shortened URL but this does not mean that you can trick them. Many accounts get banned every year for using fake traffic from bots and traffic exchange websites. The company treats its loyal members with respect and rewards but people who disrespect policies of get banned immediately. is just like and bitly but the difference is that they pay you for sharing their shortened links. An advertisement is displayed for five seconds whenever someone clicks on your shared link and then the visitor is redirected to the desired destination. Within 6 seconds you earn money for sharing links. Great, Isn't it?!

How much can you earn? pays you per 1000 impressions. You can earn up to $10 per thousand views. It depends on the geographical location of your visitors. Visitors from USA,UK and Australia are much more valuable than the visitors from Pakistan, India and China when it comes to earning money with This is because majority of advertisers are from high income countries that are willing to pay more for targeted audience. If you have visitors mainly from Asia, you will earn between $0.40-$3.5 per thousand ad views. It may seem less but imagine how much you can earn if you attract millions of views. You can share your links on social media and on your websites to increase your earnings. People have earned thousands of dollars with If they can do it, why can't you? So don't waste your time and sign up for a free account now!

Features. supports multiple features that every individual can use to maximize their earnings. It doesn't matter if you don't have a website; takes care of everything. Here is the list of all the available features:

1) Mass Shrinker: This feature is a time saver. By using the mass shrinker option, members can shrink up to 20 URLs at a time. This is helpful if have to shrink hundreds of URLs. This will not only save time, it will also keep you stress free. 

2) Website Script: This feature allows you to monetize your website with ads. Whenever visitors will visit your website, they will see a 5 second ad after which they will be allowed to access your website. The process is going to be automatic and you can use a suitable ad type for your website. 

3) Convert all links at once: By using this feature you can turn all links of your website into links. It's a good feature if you are looking to maximize your earnings but this may annoy your visitors. Annoyed visitors can have a negative impact on your website. Always remember this. 

4) Pop ad format: If you want to monetize every visit on your website then this feature is designed just for you. Whenever a visitor will visit your website, an ad will popup in a new window. With this feature you don't need to share your links or wait for the visitor to click, everything is automatic! 

Payment Method.

In order to withdraw money, the member must first reach the minimum payment threshold. The threshold depends on the payment processor used by the individual. pays through PayPal, Payoneer and Payza. For PayPal, the minimum required balance is just $5 but for Payoneer it's $10 (as of July 2018). pays it's members daily but the first payment is made with a one month delay. You can easily reach this low threshold and depending on the quality of the traffic you attract, you can easily receive $5 dollars daily in your PayPal account. 

Final Words. is a very popular URL shortner. It is a legitimate company that actually pays you on time. You can search for evidence on Google. Hundreds of members are being paid daily and the payout rates are also quite decent. If we compare this with, rates are not as good but the advantage of using is that you get paid for 90% of the views. You can visit the website for more information and do give your feedback in the comments section below! Protection Status


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