Infolinks Review: How I got approved within 4 days

Infolinks is one of the most famous ad networks that can be used to monetize a blog or website. People who get rejected by Google Adsense search for the best alternates and I can assure you that Infolinks is that alternative which can help you cover the loss of being rejected or banned by Adsense. New bloggers find it hard to attract sponsors to their blogs. Other ad networks have very strict policies and the minimum requirements are way too much for a newbie. Most ad networks require 50k to 100k visitors per month. For a person who just entered the world of blogging, this requirement is far away from being realistic. It takes months and even years to attract that number of visitors to a blog. Infolinks provides a solution for this problem. To get approved by Infolinks, you won't need thousands of visitors per day because there is no minimum traffic requirement. You just need to be careful about a few things and you will surely get approved by this awesome ad network.

My journey to an approved Infolinks account

If I say I got approved by Infolinks in the first try, I would be a big liar. My journey began in 2015 when I made a website with 30+ posts and applied for an Adsense account. I got a rejection email within a week, after which, I decided to search for the best alternates. I found out that Infolinks was quite popular so I decided to apply for Infolinks. I was shocked to see another rejection email in my inbox. That day I realized I was doing something wrong. So I kept on working hard but I got rejected every single time.


In 2017 I deleted all my websites because I was exhausted and I decided not to make a website ever again. In the beginning of 2018, I created a blog on Instagram and the response I got by the followers made me excited and I once again decided to make a website. AMT Writes is the website that I made. I had no intentions of monetizing it but on July 19, I signed up for a new Infolinks account and submitted my website. Within 4 days I got a congratulation email from them and I realized that after being rejected 4 times, I finally got approved by Infolinks!

Approved by Infolinks AMT Writes

As you can see in the screenshot above, on July 23, I got this approval email. I was very happy to see this and I couldn't wait to monetize my website with Infolinks ads. During this journey, I learned from my mistakes, all the secrets. 

How to get approved quickly?

Getting approved by Infolinks is not difficult at all. If you work hard and cleverly then you can get approved within a week. There are a few things that you must achieve before applying for an account. Here is a list of what you should do before applying:

1) Publish 6-10 posts: When I applied for Infolinks, I had 7 published posts. In 2015 when I got rejected, I had 30+ posts. This is enough to prove that you need quality not quantity to get approved. So I would recommend you to write at least 10 posts before you apply for Infolinks. 

2) Content Length: The average words per post on my blog are more than 1000. The quality of content is very important. Your posts should be at least 700 words long. When I applied for Infolinks, each of my post was 700-1400 words long. 

3) Do not use images from Google: When I first started blogging I had no idea how important it was to use your own content. I used to download images from Google and use them on my blog. I think this is the reason why I was never approved for Adsense and Infolinks. I now use royalty free images that are free for commercial use. You can search for royalty free images online. I personally use images from Pixabay. 

4) Use keywords: To get approved by Infolinks, your blog posts must have popular keywords. Advertisements by Infolinks depend mainly on keywords so whenever you write a blog post, do use some relevant keywords. 

5) Traffic requirements: There are no minimum traffic requirements to get approved by Infolinks. I was getting less than 10 visitors a day when I got approved by Infolinks. All that matters is the quality of content that you post. It should be useful and relevant. 

These were the important 5 things that got my account approved. You can sign up for a free Infolinks account too!


Infolinks offers two types of advertising models. The CPM ads and the CPC ads. With CPM ads you get paid for every 1000 ad impressions and with CPC ads you get paid for every click. The rates of Infolinks depend on the visitor location and the bids set by the advertisers. You can use Infolinks ads on more than one website if you want to. You just have to get approved once. Displaying Infolinks ads on your website is very easy. Once you get approved you can install the widget or ad code to your website and rest will be done automatically. Following are the ad types available for websites:

  • In-Frame
  • In-Text
  • In-Article
  • In-Tag
  • In-Fold

You can use all of these options automatically. All you have to do is, install the code on your website or blog and Infolinks will take care of everything. You can also customize the ads according to the theme of your website. 

Payment details

Getting paid by Infolinks is as easy as getting approved by them. Infolinks offers two payment methods. Wire transfer within USA or outside USA and Payoneer transfer. It's up to you which method you choose. For wire transfer the publisher must earn $100. For some countries, threshold for wire transfer is $1000. If you want to request a payout through Payoneer then you only need $50 in your account. Transfer fee would be deducted. Infolinks pay within 45 days (as of 2018) so getting a payment from Infolinks is not a problem at all.

Final Words

Infolinks is one of the best Adsense alternatives that actually pays you. It's a legitimate ad network which offers decent CPM rates to its publishers. Asian traffic gets lower CPM rates compared to other continents. I would recommend you Infolinks if you aren't getting Adsense approval. The in-text ads are automatically created by Infolinks and if you use more than 3 ads, your website may look spammy. I personally use only one in-text ad combined with other ad types. Do give a try to Infolinks and don't forget to share your experience with me in the comments section below!

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