Motivate yourself bloggers - But how?!

Being a blogger can be very tiring at times. I've been blogging since 2012 and I know how the journey of most bloggers ends. When people start blogging for the first time, they have hundreds of unique ideas which they plan to use but with the passage of time they get bored and most of them leave without completing their journey. This is the biggest mistake that they make. When you start a journey, you cannot simply quit in the middle of nowhere. You must reach your destination otherwise you'll be a loser in the eyes of the world. 

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A traveler will face difficulties and obstacles during the trip but to be successful he/she will have to move away all the obstacles and keep on moving. There may be short breaks during the journey but the mind should stay focused on the goals set by the traveler. Today I'm going to share with you some helpful tips that will motivate you to continue your blogging journey. 

Make a list of your goals

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It is very important to know your current position and the the level that you want to reach. Setting up short-term and long-term goals reminds you about the purpose of your blogging journey. They remind you that you have to accomplish certain goals and that you have to unlock new achievements. A list of your goals will motivate you to move ahead. Every goal would be a single step towards success. Make a short or a long list of your blogging goals. Divide it into weeks, months and years. Every time you reach a goal, cross it out from the list and focus towards the next goal. Give yourself a treat after every successful goal completion. This way the accomplishments would satisfy your mind and you will have a purpose, a mission to complete. So grab a pen and a paper and start making a list!

Read success stories!

Whenever I feel demotivated, I read success stories of other bloggers. They actually motivate me a lot. So whenever you are demotivated or exhausted, search for famous bloggers on Google and read their success stories. Focus on the tips shared by them and note down the mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and make your blog even better. The first thing that I do when I come across a successful blog is that I check its Alexa ranking and I use a random evaluation site to see how popular the blog is, how much visitors does it attract on an average and what are the main keywords being used by that blog. This motivates me and as soon as I gather enough information, I start planning the next post for my blog. So whenever you feel like you can't do it, search for a successful blogger and convert your can't into can!

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Be Optimistic

As I mentioned above, convert your impossible into possible. Focus on the positive side of every negative thing and instead of giving up, learn from the negativity and turn that into positivity. You aren't attracting enough readers? So what? Keep on writing. One day, readers will come running to your blog. Even if you have strong competitors and you think that you cannot succeed, keep on fighting. Don't just give up so easily. Show your competitors that you are a leader who's not going to stay behind. 

The online world is a competitive place. In order to survive you must stay calm. Don't focus on the negative thoughts, focus on the positive side. Turn the threats into opportunities and weakness into strength. Nothing is impossible if you work hard. Always remember that. No one can drag you down if you want to jump high. So think before taking any step and do what you think is better for you. Walk towards success.

Watch motivational videos

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YouTube is full of Ted talks and motivational content. Whenever I'm feeling down, I simply go to YouTube and listen to Ted talks of famous successful celebrities. I also search for motivational videos that help me a lot. A good way to refresh motivation in your body is to listen to successful people. Learn from their journeys and make your journey better. A person who is successful in any field was once a newbie who failed again and again. If Steve Jobs gave up years ago then there would have been no iPhone today. Every person faces difficulties in life. Successful are those who stay peaceful and determined. As a blogger I can say from experience that it's not easy to reach the top but it's not impossible. When I first started blogging, I failed. This is my fifth website in the past 6 years. I became successful after failing 4 times. Still my journey is not finished. I have to keep on moving so that I can reach my final goal. If you are a newbie reading this post, remove all the negative words from your dictionary and promise yourself that you won't give up without getting what you want. 

Take a short break

Take a break
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Blogging regularly can exhaust you. Whenever I get exhausted or tired, I take a short break. I wrote my last post one week ago and then I took a break because my goal is quality not quantity. It's better to write one quality post every week than to write 1 low quality post every day. If you ever feel like you're tired, take a short one week break. Trust me, by the end of the week, your brain will force you to get back online and write something. Your blog is your property and keeping it safe is your job. If you won't maintain your property, you'll damage it. So when you are taking a break, your brain is constantly focusing on your property. You don't realize this until you suddenly feel like visiting your blog and adding something new. 

You should be your first priority

A common mistake that most bloggers make is that they start writing for people and they forget themselves. You should make yourself your first priority. Write for yourself. Write on topics that interest you. It's good that you write for people but the first priority should be the content that you would want to write. Make a list of the topics that you love and write on at least two topics every week. Buy a diary or a register and start collecting content. Write every idea that pops up in your mind and every interesting topic that you find on the internet. Research on it and then add your thoughts to your blog. It's your property, do whatever you want to do with it!

Final Words

Being a blogger can be boring sometimes and it can be very tough for new bloggers to survive. There are many factors that demotivate newbies but the best way to move forward is to learn the techniques that will help you survive. You can watch motivational videos, you can read personal experiences of famous bloggers or you can simply take a break. All tips mentioned above will definitely help you out. The best way to motivate you is to be the motivation yourself. You have complete control over your mind so make it positive and eliminate all the negativity. Set short goals and measure your performance every month. Trust yourself and keep on working hard. Don't forget to give your feedback in the comments section below!

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