How I got Approved by Adsense after 7 years!

My journey began in January 2012 when I made my first blog on WordPress. I was a beginner back then and I didn't know how things worked online. I decided to name my blog "YourWebsite123" and my plan was to target multiple niches. My blog got over 100k pageviews in less than 6 months because it had almost every type of content. It was an all in one blog and I used to embed videos from YouTube and I also used to publish free articles that were available on the internet. 8 months later, I got to know about Wordads and Google Adsense and so, I decided to apply for both ad networks. To my surprise, even with more than 100k views, my application was rejected by both ad networks. That was the first day of my journey and after 7 years, in December 2018, I got approved by Adsense within 3 days after applying! 

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During these years I made 5 websites on different topics and all were rejected by Adsense. It was patience and faith that helped me climb the mountain. So I am now going to list down my mistakes and tips that new bloggers can use in order to get approved by Adsense in the first attempt.

Select a specific niche

Before starting a blog, one should think about its purpose. What the blog is about and how is it going to be helpful and relevant for the visitor. Think of your blog as a third person. How would you feel if you visited the site? Google focuses more on quality than on quantity. If you want these ads on your website, you must select an attractive niche. Focus on one thing at a time. Making an all in one website is very easy, just like I did but these types of websites often fail. This is because a website that has all types of content is mostly seen as a spam. Visitors may want to read posts about a particular topic but because your blog is not limited to one niche, they won't find what they're actually looking for. Keeping in mind my experience, these types of blogs have a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. I made the same mistake and with thousands of views I failed to attract even a single advertiser to my blog. So the first thing to do is, make a list of the most popular categories and select the best one. Try to select a unique niche which has a high demand on the internet. Don't focus on common topics, think out of the box!

Content Quality and Quantity

The second most important thing is the type of content that you write. As I mentioned earlier, Google focuses more on the quality than the quantity. Never copy paste articles from the internet because doing so is illegal and can get you in trouble. Google wants you to provide unique content which is actually written by you. Your content should have your own ideas and experiences. If you copy content from other websites and expect google to approve you, you'll be just wasting your time. If you really want to get approved, focus on the uniqueness, grammar and sentence structures. Make your writings professional and worth reading. 

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Experience: When I first applied for Adsense, my blog had more than 50 posts and still I got rejected because my posts were missing quality. A few weeks ago when I decided to send an application to google for AMT Writes, I had only published 11 posts. Each post was 700-1500 words long and I had focused more on the quality. Within 3 days I got approved by Adsense and that was very surprising for me. So to all the newbies reading this blog post, focus on content more than anything!

Design your blog

This is something that very less people focus on but let me tell you, this is the most important step. The design of your blog not only matters to the visitors but also to the advertisers. Why? Because if your blog is not attractive, readers would simply ignore it and no readers mean there would be no one to look at the ads which means that your blog would not lead to conversions for advertisers. So selecting a good theme for your website is a very important step. 


Experience: When I first applied for Adsense with AMT Writes, I was using a free blogger theme. My application got rejected after 1 week. Later I redesigned my blog using Gooyaabi templates which is free to use. I then reapplied and my website was accepted without any difficulties. So from my experience I can easily say that without a good theme, getting approved by Adsense is going be a difficult task. 

Important Pages to Include

The about, Privacy policy and contact page is very important, not just for Adsense but for most ad networks. These pages show your seriousness towards blogging. The about page tells readers about your website. It is better if you include an About the author section. The privacy policy should clearly indicate what type of information you collect. It must include the names and links of any third party trackers that you use on your website. The contact page should have a professional look. You can use a contact form or you can mention your social media profiles where you can be contacted. If your website is providing any kinds of services to users then you should also include the terms and conditions page. These pages are very important and without them it is almost impossible to get approved by Adsense. 

Do not use copyrighted Images

During the last 7 years I've learned how important it is to own the content that you publish. Sometimes bloggers publish unique content that follows all guidelines but still they get rejected. They keep on thinking about the possible reasons for rejection but according to them they did the job correctly. Well, the images being used on a website are the reason why many bloggers fail. Images are important to make your blog post attractive but using images from google or other search engines is not a good way at all. Each and every centimeter of your blog should be unique if you really want to get accepted. You can see that in the beginning of this post I have used an image which is not my ownership but its legal and not a problem for me. Yes, there are pictures on the internet that you can use even for commercial purposes. I personally use Pixabay and Shutterstock for publishing pictures on my blog. You can also search for images that are available under the creative commons license as they are free to use and most of them do not even require an attribution. If you want to use a copyrighted picture in your blog post then you must have a written permission for it. 

Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid using phrases and quotations which are verly commonly used by bloggers. Such phrases can cause the plagiarism percentage to increase. Google would never want to accept a website that contains plagiarized content. Follow the 0% plagiarism rule and you won't face any difficulties in getting approved by ad networks. 


Purchase a custom domain

Lastly, buy a custom domain name for your website or blog. Using a free blogspot domain is also okay but a custom top level domain will increase your chance of getting approved. I personally bought my domain from It typically costs around 10 dollars to buy a domain and setup is totally free. Plus, it gives your website a more professional look and readers prefer it over free domain websites. 


Getting approved by Adsense is not that difficult. During the past 5 years I have read hundreds of reviews and almost 70% bloggers say that getting accepted by google is the most difficult part of the blogging journey. If I see the highlights of my journey that started 7 years ago, I'll also become one of those who say it is difficult. The reality is different. Yes you have to work with patience and getting approved within a week is difficult. Even the most famous websites have faced rejection at least 3-4 times before getting accepted. It depends on the level of hard work and the faith you have in yourself. In my case, I never gave up and today after 7 years I have accomplished my mission. Work hard, Work good and one day you'll reach your destination. 

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