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Careem has recently introduced three new discount packages for its customers. These are not the old kilometer packages or promo codes. This time, Careem has thought of something new. Today in this post, I'll be giving you the details of these latest discount packages by Careem. So if you're looking to save some money, you're at the right place!

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So basically Careem has introduced a new way in which customers can save a particular amount of money on each ride that they take. This amount will be consistent on all rides taken by the user and it will not include any kind of peak factor rates which is awesome. Following are the details of these packages.

Package 1

In this package, customer will get 120 rupees off on all rides that he takes available in the offer. But to avail this offer, an upfront fee of rupees 249 must be paid. This fee can be paid via debit card or Careem Wallet. After the fee has been paid, customer will get 120 rupees off on his next rides. 

This package is valid for 14 days after it has been activated and the user can get a discount on the next 3 rides only. You can save up to 39% by using this offer. It is available for Riksha, Bike, Go-mini, Go and Go Plus. 


One thing to be noted here is that no promo codes can be used along with this offer. Either you can use the offer discount or the promo code. In my opinion this is a very feasible offer and by calculating the amount being saved, you can actually get a real discount. 

The first 2 rides will cover up the cost and the third ride will be free. If you're traveling a long distance, still you will save some money using this package. But it is important to calculate the benefit before purchasing any package so that depends on the distance being traveled per ride. 

Package 2

This package is similar to the package mentioned above. Customer will get 120 rupees off on rides that he takes after purchasing this package. In this package, Careem allows discount on 6 rides only

So after you pay a 449 rupees upfront fee, you will get 120 rupees discount on your next 6 rides. This offer is also available for all car types which include, Go, Go Mini, Riksha etc. With this package, customers will also be offered a priority customer support,

The validity of this package is 14 days after activation. With this awesome offer, customers can save up to 48% which is almost half of the money spent. It is good for students and daily users of Careem who have to travel short distances. You can actually cut cost by availing this offer.

Package 3

The last package introduced by Careem is similar to the packages mentioned above in this post but this package is for those people who are regular users of Careem. In this package customers will get 120 rupees off on 10 rides

To activate this offer you will have to pay an upfront fee of Rupees 649 after which you can get an instant discount on your next possible rides. This package will be valid for 14 days and customers will get a priority customer support. 

This package is available for Bike, GO, Go Mini, Go plus, Business and Riksha. It is kind of an all in one offer that can be used on all ride types mentioned above. It is good for those people who regularly take 1 or 2 rides and travel short distances. 


The packages being offered by Careem are very feasible if you use them in the right way. You must calculate the benefit you're getting before you purchase any package. If the benefit is less than 10% then I don't really think the package is suitable for you but if it is more than 10% then you should go for it.

I've personally used Package 1 many times and according to my calculations, I save at least 30% per usage. This depends on how long the ride is and the base fare being charged per ride. If you're traveling 10KM per ride then these packages will surely help you save a few bucks! 

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