A 108MP Camera Smartphone is Expected to be Launched in a Few Months!

A good camera is the basic requirement of every single person now days. Whenever you hear about a new smartphone, the first thing you want to know about is the camera, memory and operating system. It is not a surprise that almost every brand has come up with attractive solutions for its customers.

The smartphone industry has become very competitive with the introduction of new brands such as Infinix, Huawei, Mi, Oneplus etc. Today on amtwrites, I have a surprise for you. A new smartphone is expected to be launched in a few months and sources say, it will have a 108MP camera!

(Source: Pixabay - Free for commercial use)

This is not a rumor that has been started by some random person. It was posted on Twitter by @UniverseIce, a well known figure, who's quite authentic when it comes to news breaking. In his tweet, he mentioned that in 2020 we all will get a new smartphone that will have a 108MP camera and a 10x optical zoom.

@UniverseIce did not mention any further details about this smartphone but he did attach an image. By looking at the image we can't really say who the manufacturer is because the design in the image is very common. 


I do have a prediction for you. Looking at the past trends, it can be expected that the new smartphone will be launched by Samsung. This is because, few months ago, Samsung introduced a 64MP camera which is a revolution in the smartphone industry. At that time, a bank predicted that 65MP camera were no longer going to be a dream in 2019. Months later, Samsung jumped out of nowhere with a 64MP camera phone. 

However, there is no official announcement by any company yet. My second prediction is Huawei because now days, the company is facing a lot of issues. The ban by USA (which has now been lifted) is one reason why Huawei would like to make a strong comeback in the market and there's no doubt that Huawei is capable of doing that. 

My third and last prediction is Sony. Sony has not yet launched a 60+ megapixel camera and it is one of the strongest smartphone brand so it is possible that Sony might be working on this revolutionary project and might surprise us all. 

Right now, no one knows what the reality is. There hasn't been any statement by any company that can give us a clear hint. The tweet has made all smartphone lovers excited and everyone is waiting for this dream to come true. I hope you liked this article. Keep visiting me and do subscribe for more updates!

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