Agent Smith Malware taking over Android Phones!

You may have heard about many different types of viruses attacking computers and smartphones but this new malware found in millions of android phones has changed the definition of such programs. This new malware is known as Agent Smith. The name makes it look like a Hollywood action figure but it's not!


Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay - Free for commercial use.

According to, Agent Smith has infected more than 25 million android phones all around the world. This malware was designed very cleverly because unlike other such programs, it hides itself under a fake Google App appearance and does the job. 

Agent Smith was discovered by researchers working at the website mentioned above and they then explained what was it about. This malware is not designed to install malicious applications or to interfere with the system. It is designed to clone original apps so that the creator of this program can earn money. 

How it works?

Once Agent Smith is installed on your android device, it will start replacing your already downloaded apps with fake versions that have ads running on them. For example, if your phone is infected, you might start seeing malicious ads on Google Chrome application. Now everyone knows that Chrome browser is free to use and there are no ads placed on it so if you see something like this, take precautionary steps. 

What the program does is that it scans the applications installed on your smartphones and selects target apps. After that, the original apps are patched with ads and you might see a notification which says that your app is being updated. Now this update, which seems to be normal, is actually the action of malware. 


Many applications have been targeted. These applications include famous brands such as WhatsApp and Flipkart. This is the reason why Agent Smith is one of the most clever malware ever known. 

Till now the malware seems to work as a money generator for the developer only. It hasn't caused any serious problems but if this program is so clever, it might be used for the wrong reasons in future. Rumors have been spread around the internet as well as the technical community that this malware comes from China. 

Chinese have been accused for spreading this malware in an attempt to promote their localized applications in the foreign market, however, no real evidence has been found yet. There is a twist in the story, this program has been spread through an app known as 9Apps which is very famous in the Asian part of the world. It seems like this was all a part of the plan but no one can be blamed until real evidence has been found. 

This incident has been reported to the law enforcing authorities and all malicious apps have been removed from Google Playstore. Now we have to wait and see what actions might be taken against the people involved. 

If you want to protect your smartphone from any kind of viruses or malware apps, I recommend you to install a good anti-virus as soon as possible. If you think that your android phone is also infected, remove the fake apps right away. You can also report suspicious apps on Google Playstore. 

So this was all about Agent Smith. I hope you found this article helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe!

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