Dropbox Announces a New File Sharing Service with 100GB Capacity!

Dropbox recently came out with a huge announcement that has grabbed everyone's attention. The company has decided to introduce a new file sharing service that will not only allow users to share files but will also give them a capacity of 100GB. This huge capacity is what is making this service unique.

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There are many other file sharing services available online but very few services are providing such huge capacity. Dropbox has moved one step ahead by introducing this service. Right now, there is no other service that can compete directly with this one.


The company has decided to provide different features with this service. There's a good news for businesses and individual entrepreneurs, Dropbox has decided to introduce a feature with this service that will allow you to customize the download page. This means that users will be able to design the background and change the logos before sharing any particular file.

This feature will be very helpful for business owners who can customize the page according to the theme of their business. Moreover, receivers will also be more attracted towards the business when they see a properly designed page with beautiful logos.


Not only this, Dropbox is also going to introduce new safety and privacy features for file sharers. Using this service, all file sharers will be allowed to set an expiry date for their files after which the file will be no longer available to download. Furthermore, sharers are now also allowed to protect their files by setting up a password.

These features will make file sharing much more secure and allow people to share links in a safer way. In my opinion, such features should be made mandatory for all file sharing services as now days, people are more exposed to online threats.

One more security feature that Dropbox is planning to use in this service is that the receivers of the files will not receive the original file. Instead they will receive a copy of the original file which means that the file sharer can share the files without worrying about the content being stolen. This feature is very important and along with it, the notification function is also being added which means that whenever some will download a file, the sharer will get a notification.

These are some features that the company is planning to introduce very soon. Most of these features are available in many other similar services too but this huge capacity is only being offered by Dropbox. Right now this service is not fully launched, it is still in the testing process but if Dropbox successfully launches this service then I think there will be no better all-in-one solution than this!

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