Huawei is Expected to Ship 260 Million Phones this Year

Few days back, Chairman Huawei reported high revenues in the first half of 2019 and today the industry analyst, Mr. Guo Minghao has made a prediction that Huawei is expected to sell approximately 260 million smartphones this year. You should keep in mind that Huawei's own forecast expects 250 million sales so if this prediction proves to be correct, Huawei will be one step closer to defeat their direct competitor, Samsung.

huawei expected sales
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Despite being placed in the entity list by the US government, Huawei has proved to be quite strong. Back in May, it was expected that Huawei might face a huge loss but later it was seen that instead of making a loss, the company generated higher revenues than expected. This proves that Huawei is a very strong company that is not very much influenced by boycotts and bans.

Mr. Guo Minghao revealed that this year Huawei will make more sales than expected and their strongest market will be China. It was said that the market share would increase in China this year. The possible reason for this trend is that when USA imposed restriction on Huawei, people of China started purchasing more Huawei products in order to support the company.


This is also true that millions of shops in other countries have also started to work with the company again. In Pakistan, Huawei handsets were not being sold after the restrictions were placed by Android and USA but as days went by, all countries started selling Huawei products again.

What other important markets might help Huawei achieve this goal was not revealed by the analyst but the trends discussed definitely supported Huawei's mission to sell 250 million smartphones. This mission will get a boost when in July, Huawei will possibly regain the rights to use Google apps and android operating system in their smartphones.

It is worth mentioning that if Huawei is able to sell more than 260 million phones this year, Samsung might not be very happy because last year Samsung sold around 294 million handsets which was less than what they wanted to achieve. With Huawei increasing its yearly sales, it might become the new king!

To see what really happens we will have to wait for 6 more months. The goal set by Huawei is very much achievable. If Huawei successfully accomplishes its mission by the end of 2019 then its competitions will have to worry about being replaced.

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