Huawei Reports High Revenue in the First Half of 2019

Few weeks back, US government took serious measures against Huawei and accused the company of spying. Days later, the news of Huawei being banned in USA went viral all across the globe. Many other businesses within USA were pressurized and forced to boycott Huawei. Soon, Android itself refused to work with the Chinese brand and more obstacles came in the way.

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It was rumored that Google apps were going to be blocked on Huawei smartphones but later it was made clear by Android that old smartphones were to be given access to all facilities. However, the new smartphones were not allowed to use their services.

This issue kept the company under limelight for quite a few days. The topic became a trending topic on all social media networks and the company was getting much more attention than before.

Recently, during the G20 summit, US government finally decided to lift the ban and allow Huawei to do business with American companies. This eased tensions between the two countries but till now, Huawei is still in the entity list of the US government. During this time period, Huawei also launched its very own operating system known as HongMeng.

What Chairman Liang Says

A press conference was held few days ago in which Huawei's Chairman, Mr. Liang Hua reported that instead of a loss, the company generated a high revenue. He further said that it was very unexpected but it happened. The company's revenue increased instead of decreasing.

This statement by Mr. Liang may seem like a cover up but if we compare the statistical data of the company with the previous years and if we analyse the sales trends then we can clearly come to the conclusion that this year the overall demand of Huawei smartphones increased due to which more smartphones were shipped globally and more than a 100 million were sold successfully.


Huawei has not yet not published the actual numbers officially so right now no one knows what the truth really is. If we look at the overall trends and increased supply, it is very much possible that the revenues have increased. During the ban it was anticipated that Huawei would face a loss of $30 billion but after the press conference with Chairman Huawei, it seems like a miracle has happened.

As a safety step, Huawei introduced their own operating system which I mentioned above in this article. HongMeng is not a permanent replacement of Android but if the ban continues, Huawei might switch to it. Right now the company is preferring Android.

Lets see what happens as we move on. This was all for today, tell us what you think might happen and don't forget to subscribe for more updates!

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