Nokia 2.2 is Now Available For Purchase in USA

Nokia 2.2 is finally available in the markets of USA. You can purchase this beautiful handset from your nearest retailer and enjoy the latest features combined with an elegant design. Nokia 2.2 is supported by Android One which is the newest system right now.

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The previous model of this smartphone, known as, Nokia 2 had an older operating system and later updates were sent to consumers. Nokia 2.2 is an up to date phone which comes with the latest features and security updates. This means that you will purchase this smartphone will all updates pre-installed on the device.


Nokia 2.2 has a 3GB RAM and a huge 32GB internal memory which means this smartphone will possibly perform well. However, this combination is quite old now as many other competing brands are offering a 4GB, 64GB combination but if we look at the price of this smartphone, this combination is okay too. On Buybest, Nokia 2.2 is priced at $139 and in Pakistan it will be around 21000 rupees keeping in mind the current exchange rate.

The device has a 5.71 inch HD display along with a 5MP front camera and a 13MP main camera. The camera supports HDR feature and according to Nokia the device can capture some really awesome low light images. The front camera also has beauty features which allow users to edit their pictures live before capturing.


Nokia 2.2 has a MediaTek Hello A22 processor which is a good option in this price range. This processor can be compared to Snapdragon 425 but it will probably be much more efficient than it. The device also has a slot for external memory source which means that you can expand your storage using an SD card.

The current variant being sold in the United States is not supported with a fingerprint scanner but as an alternate, face unlock feature has been included in the smartphone. Nokia 2.2, like many Samsung devices, also supports NFC payments which is something rarely found in this price range.

My Review

Some features being offered by Nokia in this smartphone are not very up to date but the price of this smartphone justifies them to some extent. A smartphone that costs less than $150 should mainly focus on providing good quality basic features but as you've read above that Nokia has also included NFC support in this device, shows that the company has done a very good job satisfying its customers.

The camera combination is justified too as other smartphones in the same price range are also offering the same thing but I must say that Nokia should've kept the front camera 8MP instead of 5MP. Many Huawei devices are offering 8MP front camera in $140 so Nokia should've made it more competitive.

The android version being offered in this price range is just awesome. Android 9 in less than $150 is not something that we can expect. The ROM, RAM combination is also very decent keeping in mind that by using a simple SD card, storage can be increased.

The processor of Nokia 2.2 is much better than its competitors and it might be faster too. The HD resolution along with a stylish design makes it a valuable device overall. In my opinion, Nokia has done a good job. You should give this smartphone a chance if you're looking for a budget phone.

Nokia 2.2 can be bought from Amazon and Buybest online and it will be shipped to you within the next 2 weeks. This was all about Nokia 2.2, I hope you found it helpful. Keep visiting me and do subscribe for more updates!

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