Plastic Bag Users in Islamabad Will Pay Heavy Fines!

Two months ago, government officials were visiting different universities in Islamabad to create awareness about how using plastic bags was leading us all to a scary future. It is now confirmed that the government of Pakistan has officially taken steps to ban plastic bags in Islamabad.

Plastic bafs
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Plastic is one of the most dangerous material that has caused hundreds of marine deaths all around the world. Plastic is known to have the slowest decomposition rate and some types do not decompose at all. Imagine producing so much plastic that one day everyone gets surrounded by it and there's no place left to dump it!

To avoid this scenario, governments of many different countries have already banned the use of plastic completely. Pakistan is now going to be one of those countries but for now, this ban is only approved for Islamabad. 

On 14th August 2019, this ban will be established in the capital of Pakistan. After this date, no more production of polythene bags will be legal in Islamabad and anyone caught violating this law will be fined heavily by the officials. 


Manufacturers and wholesalers will be fined PKR 50,000 if found guilty. Shopkeepers will be fined PKR 10,000 for the same crime but this amount will be taken only if the offender has made a mistake for the first time. After that, fines may go up to 50,000 rupees for shopkeepers and 5 lac rupees for manufacturers and wholesalers.  Hawkers and importers of plastic bags are also included in this law. 

This decision was taken in a meeting that was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan and the officials were allowed to take strict actions against the offenders after the deadline has passed. It was ordered that all users of plastic must finish their stocks before the deadline because after 14th August, no leniency would be used at all.  

Who is allowed to use plastic?

The ban on usage of plastic is not for all people. There's a twist in the tale. According to Mr. Malik Amin, registered authorities will still be allowed to produce and consume plastic bags but within a set limit. The use of this plastic will also be limited to Hospitals and Industries. 

All organizations who are looking forward to use plastic bags after the deadline will have to contact the officials and a fee of rupees 10,000 will be charged after which they will be allowed to use plastic but in within the acceptable limits. 

Other than the above mentioned entities, no one else will be allowed to use plastic bags after 14th August. The law will be implemented strictly to all parts of Islamabad and soon this is expected to become a law for the whole country. 

Pakistan is a country that is facing many challenges. Pollution is one of them. I think this law was mandatory and should've been passed 10 years ago but it's good that it is being implemented soon. Most businesses might have to face an increased cost of production but in the long-term this law will prove beneficial for the country. Alternate products will replace plastic bags with time and this won't be a problem anymore.

We all must support the government in this decision and we can do this by simply replacing plastic bags with something less dangerous. Share this article to create awareness among Pakistanis and don't forget to subscribe if you want to stay updated!

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