Plastic Bags Have Now Started Disappearing In Islamabad

On 17th July 2019, I posted an update on amtwrites which was about plastic bags being banned in Islamabad. The decision was taken by the government of Pakistan few months ago which is now fully implemented in the capital city.

plastic bag
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On August 14, shopkeepers started throwing their plastic bags away. This happened because the government had set a deadline after which no one was allowed to use plastic bags. Only some people were allowed to continue consuming plastic but within the acceptable limits. 

Plastic bags have been causing many mental and physical issues for humans as well as animals. Most marine deaths are caused by plastic bags which flow into the sea, suffocating animals. Humans have faced many health issues due to the consumption of plastic. Keeping all these reasons in mind, the government has decided to stop the consumption of plastic completely all across Pakistan. 


From today onward, you will not see plastic bags in Islamabad. That's what the government planned but there's a twist in the story. Plastic bags will not completely vanish because the government has introduced an alternate, less dangerous form of plastic bags which are made from better materials. 

These bags are approved by the authorities and they are stamped by the government in order to prevent any kind of fraud. It is clearly written on every bag that it is not designed to carry food items. Now that's interesting. The new bags can be used in stores but not in hotels and restaurants. 

I've personally interviewed different people to get a feedback from them. One thing I noticed was that most people are happy with this decision but some small hotel owners are worried. For example, Tandoor owners are not allowed to use normal plastic bags and the new one's introduced by the government are not suitable for them. 

In such cases, paper bags are expected to be used which will increase the overall cost of production. Many Tandoor owners have started using brown paper bags but they have also increased their rates in order to cover the additional expense. This might not be a good news for people as now days almost everything is much more expensive than before. 


Not only this, the new bags are not available at many places. Due to this, shop owners are having difficulties selling their items. Customers are also suffering and many have to carry items in their hands!

Lets see how people respond to this change. Right now, the law has been implemented fully but mismanagement is being observed in some areas of Islamabad. This is, however, quite normal because such change has taken place for the first time and it might take days or even weeks before people get used to it. 

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