Scammers Have Found a New Way to Access Your WhatsApp!

Recently, many complaints were received by PTA which is an organisation working in Pakistan to improve telecommunication services across the country. Individuals told PTA how their WhatsApp accounts were being compromised and used by scammers for illegal activities. Soon, this scam started to spread all around the country like fire spreads in a jungle!

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What these scammers want is still unclear but how they do it, is pretty clear now. People of Pakistan have received calls from PTA officials, who are not actually the PTA officials but scammers disguised as them. These scammers try to act professional and they build a base first. Like for example, they might ask you questions that seem to be reasonable but after each question, they move one step closer to your WhatsApp account.


Finally, after trapping you with their words, they would ask for some kind of a verification. Now after you've answered so many question, you might start believing them and do whatever they say but that's exactly what they want. You see, these people are con artists who persuade you to share your personal information without letting you notice the reality.

What they do next is, send a "verification code" on your mobile phone and act like they're verifying your ownership or something. Once you tell them the code, your WhatsApp is no longer your ownership. This is what people of Pakistan are facing now days but the important question here is, are all other countries safe from this scam?

Well, right now I haven't heard anything so I can't really write a statement here but if this scam is possible in Pakistan, it can be done anywhere in the world. That is why, I'm now going to tell you ways in which you can protect your WhatsApp account.

How to Protect Your WhatsApp account?

The first and most important thing is to verify the number which is being used to call you. You can do that easily by using some online application or website. This way, you'll know who owns that particular number and his location along with some other details. If it really is PTA or any authentic organisation then you won't face any problems but if it's someone else, immediately report it.


This is not as easy as it seems to be. Sometimes, scammers use call spoofing features that hide their original mobile number and create a fake identity. This is where it gets complicated. So in order to protect yourself from such people, WhatsApp has a builtin feature that you can use. It's called the two step authentication feature which is available in most other social media apps too.

Using this feature, you can set a personal code that will be known by you only. Even if hackers access your WhatsApp using the SMS code, they would still not be able to open it without the code that you set. It acts like a password so only you are allowed to access any information present within the application.

This is the only way through which you can actually protect your WhatsApp account. I hope you liked this article, share it with your friends and family and don't forget to subscribe before leaving! 

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