Are Atheists Living in a Self Created Delusional World?

The title might seem ironic as most people believe that atheists are the most logical people on earth who depend on evidence but the reality is, in fact, quite the opposite. Today I'm going to prove how atheists are living in a delusional world of their own and why they need to spend more time thinking in order to get a little closer to reality.

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The first and most important question that every atheist uses as a weapon is: Can existence of God be proven?

Well today in this post I'm going to prove that God exists. You might find my argument illogical at first so to understand the purpose of this post, do read it till the end. 

Does God really exist? Well, let's assume that there is no such thing as a creator. Proving God's existence is just a fallacy and religion is just a fairy tale. Let's just assume that whatever is proven by science can only be considered and everything else is just a lie. Let's assume that all religions, including Islam, Hinduism, Christianity are stories written down by the people of that time. The only question here is, how exactly did we start existing? 

The Creation of Planet Earth

You must have heard about the Big Bang Theory, a popular belief that has existed for God knows how many years. Well let's just assume Big Bang Theory is how the earth was created because almost all atheists support this theory as they have no other option. According to NASA:

In the first second after the universe began, the surrounding temperature was about 10 billion degrees Fahrenheit (5.5 Billion Celsius) - (Source: 

Now to understand the existence of God, the quote that I cited above is very important. Keep this in mind as you read further. Before I move on to the real logic that most atheists fail to recognize, I would first like to explain the "Big Bang Theory" to all those people who have no idea about it. So here's the Summary:

When the Universe began, it was just hot, tiny particles mixed with light and energy. It was nothing like what we see now. As everything expanded and took up more space, it cooled down - (Source:

In short, there were particles that grouped together to form atoms and this caused the existence of stars and galaxies. These stars grouped together to form molecules and soon bigger stars and asteroids came into being. The process took 13.8 billion years and during this process, the earth was created.

 This theory itself seems like a fairy tale but atheists use "logic" and "evidence" to prove it correct or at least close to reality. It took 8 years just to compile the mathematical equations that prove this theory's authenticity.

So it is fair enough to believe that this theory might be our reality but the question here is: Did the Big Bang happened out of nowhere? The temperature cited above, how did that came into existence? The tiny particles and light mentioned above, how was that created?


No one has answered this question till now. The point that I'm trying to prove here will be even more clear in the next section.

Can Something be Created From Nothing?

Everything that you see around you was created by someone. The clothes you put on every day, the paper that you write on, computers, cars, pencil, shoes, airplanes, ships, burgers, chips, cold drinks, etc. I can name a million more things that have a creator. We humans ourselves are creators of many such things. Even the atheists can't deny this fact.

But when we talk about us, humans, we came out of nowhere!

Okay, I believe the big bang theory is how the earth was created. The particles and light and molecules appeared out of nowhere magically. I believe that too but where did we come from?

For a few minutes, let's not bring humans in this argument. Let's not even talk about the million species that exist around us today. Let's just talk about the first ever living thing on earth. Where did it come from?

Did asteroids mate while crashing into each other? That is the only possible explanation of our existence according to the big bang theory. Well not exactly, there is one more explanation that might help atheists prove their point more confidently. The 5.5 billion degrees Celsius temperature is probably how we started existing because as far as I know, if you raise temperature by a million degrees, humans are born!

It is interesting to note that the DNA which is present in a living thing is just like a book that contains all information and details about it. Can a book ever write itself and then fall from the sky one day? I'm afraid not.

What atheists don't know is, their knowledge is limited. They think they can prove themselves correct using logic and evidence but what they don't know is, their logic and evidence can not even prove the most basic things. If it can, then I have an open challenge for everyone, prove how the first ever human being appeared on earth? Prove how the first ever cat appeared on earth?

The reality is, these people can not even prove how the first ant appeared out of nowhere. How will they prove the existence of humans?


Adding further to this argument, no one can even explain how this universe was created, not even the big bang theory. This is because if scientists say that universe was created due to the big bang theory, then I only have one simple question:

What was there before the universe existed? If there was nothing before the existence of universe then how can nothing create something? 

These are questions that no one would like to answer because there is no answer!

The Only Possible Explanation? 

Even if now you believe in what the world wants you to believe in then it is important for you to read the ending. The only possible explanation for our existence is an entity that was present way before the universe was created. If you still don't believe this then my question remains highlighted:

What was there before the universe existed?

It wouldn't be very logical if you say that we appeared on earth out of nowhere. It is now quite evident that someone created us all. Who might that someone be?

The answer is God. He has existed since forever. Even before anything existed. It is He who created the earth, humans, trees, the sun and the moon, every single thing that you can possibly see around you.

Think about it for a minute or two. Is it possible that our entire system just decided to show up one day? Look around you and you will see thousands of creations. Is scientific delusion strong enough to change your mind? Did everything just started existing one day? Is that really possible?

This argument shows how atheists are living in an illusion. They think they know everything and can prove anything with logic and evidence while in reality, they can't even justify the most basic statements.

I've presented this argument here, it is now time for you to decide what is right and what is wrong. Don't forget to subscribe before leaving!

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