How Hope And Life Met at The Wrong Time to Fall in Love

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When He Woke Up That Day,
Life had Already Betrayed,
He Was Waiting For Love,
But He Found Himself Stuck,

Life Had Planned To Be Fair,
But it Got So Unfair,

He Kept On Waiting,
But It Was Just Humiliating,
So He Decided to Have Himself Painted,
With Broken Dreams That He Stated,

And He Started Walking,
As Life Behind Him Faded,
Down The Dark Road Which Got Him Separated,

It was Life Who Won That Day,
It Was He Who Lost That Day,
And Here's Yet Another Tale,
With Never Ending Pain - (By: amtwrites)

This is the story of Hope, Life and Love. With all His positive vibes, Hope, one day, decided to meet Life who had a best friend named Time.

 The journey began when Hope finally decided to walk towards Life and reveal what was hidden inside. Time, however, had planned something else. Time didn't want Life to see Hope at the right moment so he decided to slow down things for Life. As Hope saw this happening, he got anxious. Hope started running as fast as he could so he could reach Life before Time. But sadly, It was Time who got there first.

With an evil smile on his face, Time decided to block all roads that led to Life and Life on the other hand decided to wait as Time was who she trusted. Hope, watching all this happen from a million miles away, broke inside and tried to shout but he couldn't. It got sad and decided to turn back but right at that moment, from a bright light, appeared Love.


He was tall, golden and attractive. With a soft smile on his face, he held Hope's hand and started walking towards Life again. Hope, sad and broken, did not utter a word and followed Love without even thinking. Time at that moment was flying all around, laughing and singing on his victory against Hope. He knew he had played his part, done his job and now he was looking at Hope and Love from the sky, planning his next move.

Love held Hope tightly so that he wouldn't wander away but as they neared Life, Time began implementing his latest strategy. The strategy was simple, he couldn't stop Hope and Love by himself because they were too strong for him so he decided to send Death to kill Hope...

As soon as Love and Hope reached Life's home, it was Time who had reached her first. Victory was standing with Time, and both of them tied Life to a chair. When Hope saw this, He started breaking the front door. Life heard these sounds and looked back to see Love and Hope standing side by side, helplessly trying to get in. It was that moment when Life recognized Love and wanted Hope to get there but it was too late...

Out of nowhere, Death jumped in. He hugged Love so tightly that it got suffocated and when Hope saw his only support dying, he fell on his knees knowing he was next. Time jumped up and down in excitement, Victory cheered but Life knew she should've trusted Hope, not Time.

Use Hope to Make Your Time Better and Time to Make Your Life Better!

When you face ups and downs in your life, use Hope as a weapon. Time heals you only if you walk in the right direction. Time can be a hero but it can be a villain too. The only way to make time a hero is to join hands with Hope and walk in the direction where there is love but no hate. Only then can Time be a real hero for you.


Hope is very important to live life and to accomplish new goals. Never give up on dreams that were once your life goals. Never back down just because the path is difficult. You can see the best view when you reach the top of the mountain but the journey is full of obstacles. You slip, you fall and you get injured too but once you're at the top, the view turns out to be worth the struggle.

Always make hope your power and time your strategy but in order to make your strategy successful, you have to plan it correctly otherwise it may backfire!

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