Life, Destiny and Choices - When and Where to Stop?

"Turn left, you have now arrived at your destination" said Destiny, slowly fading away. "But where should I go next?" I stammered. "You will have to decide that on your own" replied Destiny, completely vanishing into thin air.

My ride had ended and I was in the middle of nowhere. I was covered in darkness. My heart was racing, my brain was exhausted. A million questions bombarded my mind as I took my first step and started walking. I could see a street few feet ahead of me so I decided to explore it.

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The street sign was almost destroyed and only a few letters were visible. "Hope Street" I whispered to myself as I solved the puzzle. I wondered who named it Hope Street because the darkness surrounding it was very ironic. I started walking again and realized I was the person who had named this street...

As I walked further, I saw hundreds of houses on both sides of the street. Each house had a dream, wish or a goal that I had ever thought of. Some houses were brightly lit while others were covered in darkness. Some houses were being demolished while others were being built. My career, love life, family goals and every single fantasy was printed on the walls of these houses. I now understood the purpose of this mysterious ride. Destiny was my ride, life was the journey and my choices were the reason why some houses were bright while others were being destroyed!

I kept on walking and with every single step, my emotions took all over me. I was confused. I wanted to be happy but then I saw all the opportunities that I had missed. I wanted to be sad but then I saw the light of hope and will power that had kept me strong. As I moved forward, everything behind me started to vanish. By the time I reached the end of the road, there was only one house left, labeled as life. I decided to walk in and see what was hidden inside.

I started having goosebumps as I opened the door. It was dark inside. I started to walk slowly, trembling with fear and anxiety. The door behind me slammed, I knew there was no escaping now. Standing in complete darkness, I wondered what was next.

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. A sound that was familiar. I turned back and was surprised to see flashbacks of my life appear out of nowhere. From the day that I was born to this day, when I was stuck in a dark house with no exit. Things started to get worse. The walls of the house started shaking and I could see cracks in the roof. The flashbacks were now so bright that I couldn't even see anything anymore. The house was about to collapse. I tried my best to reach the door but before I could do that, within a split second, everything was over. There was no house anymore, no roads, no hope, no light, just complete darkness....

Moral of The Story

We all have dreams that we want to turn into reality. We all have goals that we want to achieve. Not every dream can be a reality and not every mission can be accomplished. Your life is a journey and destiny is your driver. We all are born one day and we all die one day so this means that life is pretty much scripted. The only thing that differentiates our lives are the choices we make.


If you want to achieve something in life, make patience your weapon. To climb a mountain, you must have patience and will power. Life is just like a mountain. You can't reach the top within one night. You have to work hard and keep on walking in the right direction so that one day you can make your dreams a reality.

You might come across many obstacles during your journey. Some of them might even injure you. Always remember, no obstacle is big enough to stop you from reaching your destination. You might arrive late but one day you will and that is what matters.

In order to be successful, you must have a strong faith. When you set a goal, believe that you will achieve it one day. Giving up should not be an option for you. If you fail a 100 times, try 101 times. Make success a challenge and join hands with hope. Make Patience your weapon and let destiny take you home. Let life be your journey and make choices, your map. Let faith be your battery and make will power your source of recharging!

What If You Still Fail?

If you still fail, know that what is meant to be will happen. Know that you tried your best and if still you're not able to succeed then this is better for you. You haven't lost anything, in fact, you just gained experience, strength, patience, will power and most importantly you learned a lesson during the journey. Truths might have been unveiled that were once blinding you, new secrets to success might have been revealed to you. Learn from every second of your life and always stay positive even in situations where you feel like giving up.


There is, however, one point to be noted. Sometimes, letting go is the only option because you realize you've been walking towards a dead end. In such situations, you have two choices. To take a risk or to simply walk back. If it's worth the risk, keep walking otherwise don't waste your time on things that are diverting you from other million opportunities that you can take advantage of!

Trust yourself, work hard and work cleverly. Make your journey full of adventures and your houses full of light. See positive, live positive, be positive!

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