Dua Nisar Mangi - Another Victim

Dua Nisar Mangi, a young girl who was out with a friend, got kidnapped yesterday near Chai Master Bukhari. This incident took place last night and the friend of Dua was shot in the neck during this incident. It is very sad to hear such news and the way people are reacting on this incidence.

Public Facebook Post of Dua's Sister, Laila Mangi.

According to her family, Dua was hanging out with a friend, who's identity is kept a secret till now, and she was attacked by a group of men who were carrying weapons with them. When Dua and her friend tried to resist their attack, one of the men opened fire at her friend. The boy was shot in the neck and sources say that right now he's in a critical condition. The kidnappers took Dua with them and since then she's missing. 


Dua's family has requested everyone to spread the news and also provide them with any details that could help them save Dua from the culprits. They are right now trying to trace her and have no clue about where she is. Chai Master Bukhari has been mentioned several times by different family members of Dua and they are trying to get more details about it. If you have any information that can help Dua's Family, please share it with them as soon as possible.

One thing that I would like to highlight before concluding this post is the growing intolerance and rude behaviors spreading among our nation. People have been using freedom of speech to exploit this situation and that is just sad. What I've seen on social media till now is the use of hate speech for Dua and her family. Most people are trying to justify this crime by blaming the victim and her parents. I would like to avoid mentioning such comments in this post, you can check them yourself on Facebook, Twitter etc.


The point to be noted here is that currently it doesn't matter who was right and who was wrong. Right now we all must join hands to save this girl and unveil the faces of the culprits involved. None of us know what the complete story is at the moment. It can be anything that has caused this incident to happen but till the girl is recovered and a statement is given, we must not pass any such comments that may hurt feelings of her family.

I hope her family find their missing member. If you have any details relevant to this incident, do share it so that it can be helpful for her family. Thank you! 

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