'Mera Bacha Alert' Application is Now Available in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The new application, known as, Mera Bacha Alert App is now available to download in KP. This application is designed under the supervision of government officials and it has gained popularity all across Pakistan. The Mera Bacha Alert app is basically designed for emergency situations and child safety measures.

Child Safety Application
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This app has a very unique feature that will prove to be beneficial keeping in mind the current situation of the country. Child kidnappings are a growing issue in some areas of Pakistan and recently a girl named Dua Nisar Mangi got kidnapped and she's still missing. Such acts have been a part of our surroundings since a long time now and so it was very important to launch an application that could help the families of victims. 

The Mera Bacha Alert Application works like SOS. If a child goes missing, normally parents would have to visit the police station and file a manual report which is quite time consuming. In such situations, an immediate action has to be taken so that all people involved in such acts can be traced down before the situation gets out of hands. With Mera Bacha Alert App, parents can file an instant complaint if their child is missing. 


The application allows parents to quickly fill in the details they know about the incident and an alert message would automatically be sent to all police stations of that particular area. So for example if a child is missing in Peshawar, all stations surrounding Peshawar will be notified so that they can start searching immediately. Not only this, all regional police officers and even the Chief Secretary would be notified so that the situation is handled seriously and the hierarchy is followed effectively.

To make this a successful project, the Chief Minister of KP, Mr. Mahmood Khan, himself will monitor the ongoing activities within the application. Just like the PM portal launched by Prime Minister Imran khan, Mera Bacha Alert will also be monitored by a team of dedicated individuals who will make sure that the system is working properly and all complaints are being entertained.


Moreover, parents will also get a notification as soon as the FIR will be registered and they can then check the status of their complaint online, within the application. This way, parents will not have to visit the police stations again and again saving time and effort, both. This application will work in coordination with relevant institutes such as Eidi and other child protection institutes. All police offers will be notified and coordination will be maintained between them.

The Mera Bacha Alert application is an awesome step taken by the government of Pakistan. The credit goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan and all other individuals who are involved in making this project a reality. The application is expected to help both, parents and institutes, to work in a better, more effective way.

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