5 Things That Can Be Cleaned Using Soft Drinks!

Spicy food and soft drink is a great combination when you're hungry but did you know soft drinks can be used as a cleaning agent and they are able to clean so many things that you can't even imagine!

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Today on amtwrites, I'm going to list down 5 things that can be cleaned using soft drinks. So if you're looking for some amazing tips and tricks, this is your lucky day. The secret powers of a soft drink are about to be revealed!

1) Rust - The Powerful Villain!

Rust is one of the most strongest villain that can destroy your things forever. Rust can be found on locks, tools, door handles, grills etc. It gets even worse if the rusty items are left unattended for a long period of time because as time passes, the rust on the surface becomes stronger and can interfere with the proper functioning of certain items. 


To overcome this issue, all you have to do is take a large enough container and pour in a carbonated drink. The volume of the drink should be sufficient enough to dip the affected item in it. Put the rusty items in that container for 2,3 hours and you will be surprised to see the results. After the items are cleaned, rinse them using water and dry them fully to avoid any kind of danger. 

The last step is to start using them again!

See how simple it is to clean a rusty old piece of metal using just 2,3 cans of a soft drink? Have a look at the next 4 items, you'll be impressed. 

2) Bubble Gum 

It's so annoying when you're out for a walk and suddenly out of nowhere a gum appears and you accidentally step on it.

The worst part is, it literally gets printed on the surface. No matter how hard you try, some part of it still remains on your shoe and that is even more annoying!

To overcome this issue, you just have to dial an emergency number and call your favorite soft drink to rescue you. Yes, it's true. A soft drink can be used to get rid of chewing gums. You only have to repeat the steps, pour a drink in a container and soak the surface of your shoe or any item that has gum on it. Magically, the gum will be separated after a while. One thing to be noted here is that if the surface is something that can be damaged by soaking, use a cloth drenched in soft drink instead.

3) Gold and Silver

The next item is quite interesting. Not many people know about this but Gold and Silver can be cleaned using soft drinks. Almost every house has something that is made up of gold. For example: A watch, jewelry, key chain etc. 


What happens is that sometimes when you use these items many times, the color starts fading a bit. If the item is made up of silver, you will note that after a few years, black spots sometimes form on the surface. They are more like a shade of black. If the item is made up of gold, you will notice that the bright shinny gold color becomes dull and more like a matte shade of gold. 

To overcome this problem, soft drinks can be used. Take a small container and fill it will a soft drink. Put your item in it and rub it very lightly with your finger or a cloth. Leave it there for sometime and you will notice how the item gets its original look back!

This happens because the chemical compounds within the soft drink react with the surface of gold and silver. This reaction causes the impurities to fly away from the surface and as a result, the item gets as shinny as it was when you purchased it!

4) The Toilet Bowl!

One of the most difficult thing to clean is the toilet bowl. Toilet bowls are mostly used daily, whether they're the ones in your house or in a public toilet on a motorway. Now imagine the ones that are being used in a public toilet. They are used hundreds of times every single day. In just a few days, stains appear on them which seem impossible to clean. 

A good news for you is that our superhero, The Soft Drink Man, makes this impossible possible too. Using a local carbonated soft drink, you can clean these stains within a few hours. All you have to do is, pour the drink directly on the stains and leave it there for 2,3 hours. After that you can wash the toilet bowl with water or a detergent and you will be surprised to see how clean it gets!

5) Car Oil Stains in Your Garage 

The last magic trick in my today's post is removing car oil stains from garage tiles. The second most annoying thing for me is when I wake up, ready to go on a ride but see dark black puddles of oil under my car. These are one of the most stubborn patches when it comes to cleaning them. The car oil patches usually color the surface of the tiles permanently if not properly cleaned. 

What you can do is, pour a soft drink on these stains and use a rough cloth to rub them. After that, leave the stains under the drink to let the magic happen. After a few hours, these stains will be softened and you can use soap, detergent or even just water to make them disappear forever. How good is that?!

Ending Words

Soft drinks are very popular around the globe. Millions of children and adults use them daily with Pizza, Tikkas, Burgers and hundreds of other food items. It is quite impressive and also surprising how a beverage can do both, satisfy humans and clean strong stains. I don't know what kind of magic that is but the point to be noted here is that a soft drink can be used to clean hundreds of items so why not make use of it? 

This was all for today. I hope you found this information helpful. Do keep visiting me daily for more tips, tricks and updates. Don't forget to like my Facebook page before leaving!

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