All About The Viral Unicorn Puppy!

Have you heard about unicorns? Well of course you have but did anyone ever tell you about a unicorn puppy? Today in this post you'll discover something new. A unicorn puppy!

Special Puppy
(Source of Real Image: Facebook)

This Unicorn Puppy was found in the Mid-Western United States by a bunch of people. As you can see in the image above, the cute little golden retriever has a second tail on his forehead. It is not exactly like a unicorn but because of this odd position, the puppy has gone viral around the globe and people are calling him a unicorn puppy.

Right now this cute little creature is being held in a shelter so that he can be monitored by specialists who will look for any kind of transformation in his body. Hundreds of people have requested to adopt this puppy but Mac's Mission, the animal shelter in Missouri, has refused to give it away as for now the puppy needs to be under expert supervision.


The doctors have indicated that the tail might grow out even further and it might prove to be painful for the puppy. To stop this from happening, Narwhal is being given full medical attention day and night by the professionals and any changes are being recorded.

Narwhal is currently 10 weeks old and this unicorn like feature is at the moment not causing any problems for the little one. It does not move and it seems like the puppy has no control over it. It's more like a harmless piece of fur hanging lifelessly from the head.


Mac's Mission has done a great job rescuing this puppy and are taking care of him every day. The people living in that area and even outside that area are very much interested in adopting this magical little creature but due to safety and medical concerns, Mac's Mission has turned down all requests for now.

What are your thoughts about this puppy? Do you think it might actually be a sign of evolution? Or is it a sign that unicorns might also appear one day?

Well, we can't say anything at this point. We have to wait a little longer to find out. Till then, keep visiting me for more such interesting news. Don't forget to leave your feedback on my Facebook page!

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