BMW and Samsung Join Hands to Produce 5G Powered Cars!

The Korean Giant and the German Kings have announced a partnership during the recent CES and people are going crazy. Samsung and BMW have decided to work on a new project together and the concept they are working on is simply mind blowing!

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BMW and Samsung are soon going to be producing 5G powered cars. This project is basically a combination of automobile and telecom industry. The new 5G powered cars will be having their own built-in sim card slots which will allow them to work without the need of a smartphone. Previously, we all have seen many similar concepts but all of them required a connection with a device. This new idea solves this problem and allows the car to work on its own.

Moreover, the car and the 5G technology will be fully integrated in such a way that consumer benefit will maximize. The project is expected to cost a lot but if it is carried out successfully, Samsung and BMW will definitely unlock new levels of innovation. No such concept has ever been turned into reality before. So this is a huge step taken by the companies, hope it goes well!


The 5G powered cars will support a variety of new features. One of the most popular feature that has caught everyone's attention is the virtual reality support. Imagine sitting in a car and experiencing virtual reality. Just imagine the kind of experience you can have. Isn't that amazing?!

Furthermore, the 5G powered cars will allow consumers to stream videos, play games, use navigation and make use of many other features that are supported by 5G. So people can watch movies, seasons and live matches when traveling long distances. How cool is that!

All these amazing features will, however, cost consumers. It is expected that different packages will be introduced by the companies which can be purchased by customers. These packages are not going to valid forever. They will have an expiry date after which consumers will have to resubscribe. The prices of these packages are not declared yet. What we do know is that the packages are expected to be targeted according to consumer needs and wants. Samsung might introduce a separate package for virtual reality and a separate package for online streaming which is kind of smart.


BMW expects to spread this technology all around the globe in the coming years. 2021 might be the lucky year for interested customers. BMW's aim is to work on technological advancement and turn new innovative ideas into reality.

The project might have high costs which would increase the selling price. It is important for BMW and Samsung to make such a product that justifies the high price otherwise customers might not get satisfied and that could prove to be problematic for both companies.

It is too early to say much about the project so we can only wait for further updates about it. Till then, keep visiting me for interesting stories and viral content. Don't forget to subscribe before leaving!

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