Flying Cars Are Now a Reality!

In the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Uber and Hyundai surprised everyone by introducing the concept of flying cars which will turn into a reality after a few months. This announcement has since then gone viral and people are loving it!

The new air taxi service
(Source: Pixabay - Free for Commercial Use)

Hyundai has been showing teasers of this concept since a month now and recently in the CES they announced a partnership with one of the most famous ride hailing service, Uber. The Korean Kings are looking forward to become the first company to make such concept a reality.


A 3D model of this concept was also shown during the CES which revealed some really important things. This air taxi will have multiple rotors in order to support different angles. These rotors have been installed to increase the overall ease by reducing the noise pollution and giving these taxis a strong support. As a safety measure, more than one rotor has been used so in case if some fail, others can act as a quick backup for the vehicle.

The maximum expected speed of these air taxis is around 290 kilometers per hour. It will have a capacity of 5 people, including the captain. The distance covered by the taxi is expected to be 96KM and it will fly approximately 2000 feet above ground. Hyundai is planning to automate this process completely in future. This means that the vehicle will work like a Tesla self driving car. How cool is that?!


According to Uber, it is expected that the first test flight of these air taxis will begin this year (2020). However, the companies plan to fully launch this service commercially by the year 2023. Till now, no further details have been provided by both companies but we do know that the ride fares will be affordable for everyone as told by Uber.

Hyundai and Uber are taking transportation to another level. Imagine opening up your Uber application to book an air taxi. These are just words right now but soon they are going to be a reality. Till then, keep visiting me for more stories and don't forget to subscribe before leaving!

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