Honeygain Review and My Opinion!

Do you want to earn money without doing anything at all? Well you're at the right place then. Honeygain is a new application that allows you to earn passive income without doing any work at all!

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Honeygain was launched in 2019 and the idea behind it is very unique. With Honeygain, you can rent your unused internet volume to this company and they will pay you in return. I've personally tried this application and I've read hundreds of reviews so after a detailed research I have decided to share everything with you. So here's everything about Honeygain!

Honeygain - A Brief Introduction

Honeygain is basically an application designed by a group of programmers. The idea of this app is very different. It's something that has not been introduced before. To understand the concept of this app read the following example.


You recently purchase a broadband connection. The package you subscribed will give you a speed of 10MBPS and you have a monthly limit of 100GB internet. Now 10MBPS means that you can download data of up to 10MB every second but what happens in reality is slightly different. Suppose you opened your chrome browser and searched for amtwrites. The page is loaded in 1 second. Logically, 10MB of data should've been used but that did not happen. You only used 1MB and the rest 9MB was left unused.

From the example above you can now understand how Honeygain works. The 9MB data that was left unused can be monetized by simply installing the Honeygain application. What Honeygain will do is, use some part of that 9MB data and in return pay you!

It's just like renting your internet to a friend. Your device on which the application is installed will act as a gateway and through it, Honeygain will be able to access your internet. It is mentioned on their website that the internet data is used by data scientists who are part of the Honeygain platform. The data collected includes email addresses, IP address and similar things that are later used for market research purposes. Basically, Honeygain is a platform which allows researchers to understand consumers and businesses in a better way. How certain ads perform, individual trends and actions etc.

Steps to Earn Money Through Honeygain

By now, you might be interested in trying this application so before I give you my detailed review, let me tell you how you can start earning through Honeygain. You can download this application on your android, IOS, Windows or Mac device simply by visiting the appstore. An alternate method of downloading this application is by visiting Honeygain.com and installing from there directly.


Before running it on your device, first you will have to sign up on their website in order to start earning. It took me less than 2 minutes to sign up so it's not a problem at all. After you have signed up, open your application and login with your credentials. As soon as you're logged in, you will see an animated beehive and bees flying over it. That means you have started earning already.

If you are using an android device, a green dot will appear in your notification tray. On your notification tray you will see summarized stats. The bytes that have been downloaded and the earning stats of the day. Honeygain might download data of up to 10GB every day. If you have a high speed internet connection, up to 15GB data might be downloaded by Honeygain daily.

You are allowed to use 3 devices per unique IP address. In order to maximize your earnings, it is suggested by Honeygain that you only use 1 device per IP. Other than that you can use this application on even 30 devices but the rule of 3 devices per IP address applies.

According to Honeygain, the application is protected by software in order to minimize any kind of risks. The connections are protected and the data collected will only be used for research purposes. All other private user data is safe and Honeygain won't try to access that. This is what the company has to say.

How Much Can You Earn?

It is mentioned on Honeygain's official website that users of the app can earn a maximum of $50 every month if they keep the app active for 24 hours a day for 30 days. $50 is a quite decent amount keeping in mind that you're literally doing nothing at all to earn this amount. Basically, you will be rewarded Honey points for every KB that is downloaded by the data scientists. Once you've accumulated enough points, you can convert them into dollars. The minimum payout is 20 dollars.

According to Honeygain, users will earn a fixed $1 for every 10GB of data downloaded by the data scientists. To be honest, $1 dollar is very less considering the overall internet rates provided by most companies. Honeygain might increase this rate if the application proves to be profitable for them.

According to my research, many users have been paid by Honeygain but most of them had a high speed fibre optic internet connection. There are many more things that you need to know. Following is my personal opinion about the company.

My Experience and Opinion About Honeygain

When I first downloaded this application, I was very excited to use it. The idea of selling your unused internet and earning money without doing anything was quite attractive. So without wasting any time I downloaded Honeygain on my android device and started running it immediately. I have a 20MBPS unlimited package so selling unused internet is not a problem for me.

The results were quite disappointing to be honest. For the first 3 hours, not a single byte was downloaded which means that I earned nothing at all. But after that I saw a few bytes being downloaded in the notification area. If I present fair calculations, what Honeygain claims seems to be a little unrealistic. They say they will download 2GB to 10GB data every day but my calculations show that the expected download volume per day is less than 1GB. Maybe 800-900 megabytes per day.

With this much volume it might take you a year or more to reach the minimum payout threshold. If that's the case, I don't think investing so much energy in this application is worth it. By energy, I mean the device's energy. It is mentioned on Honeygain's website that the application uses the device energy to work. Approximately 8-10 percent extra battery would be consumed.

I would personally recommend you not to use such applications, not just because of the low earnings and battery usage but because of the security concerns. Honeygain does guarantee 100% safety but the point is that these safety promises are not transparent. Honeygain has not revealed the kind of software it's using to ensure the safety of users and also, it hasn't completely revealed the purposes for which data would be used. Honeygain has mentioned that emails and IP addresses would be collected but is that safe?

The company does say that it will ensure safety but I would never sell my internet access to someone who's a complete stranger for me. I don't know who Honeygain is and I don't know what they will "download" using my internet connection. Even if they give me a fixed $100 per month, I still would avoid such platforms. I'm not saying that Honeygain is a fraud company, it seems legit to me but you never know what might happen tomorrow so $50 a month is not worth the risk for me.

This was all about Honeygain. I hope you found this information helpful. The opinion presented in this article does not claim anything. That's just what I think about it. Feel free to download this app and don't forget to share your experiences with me in the comments section below!

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