World's First Artificial Human is Here!

Remember when people used to talk about robots replacing humans? Well, it's not just imagination anymore. The world's first ever artificial human has been created by the Korean giant, Samsung. These artificial humans are actually programmed robots but they are so realistic, you can't imagine!

(Source: Pixabay - Free for Commercial Use)

Pranav Mistry, a researcher, has revealed that Samsung is ready to introduce their creation to the world. He tweeted this news on his official twitter account where he said that the CORE R3 was ready for demonstration purposes and it is now able to generate different expressions. The code, he said, was working successfully. 

Pranav also posted an image of artificial human along with this tweet. The robots look like a real human being. The expressions on their face, the skin details, gestures, movements and every single thing about them is so realistic that one can not simply feel like they're talking to a machine!


The project NEON of Samsung has been here for a long time now. Samsung has been working on creating realistic robots that can be used for different purposes such as news reporting, information carriers etc. This recent CORE R3 project has proved to be a breakthrough for them. 

These artificial humans can now create new movements which is something never seen before. Not only this, they can also dialog and interact with people. As mentioned in Pranav's tweet, the new robots can even dialog in Hindi. These extraordinary features have gone viral within hours after this announcement and people can't wait to see how these robots actually work.


The images posted by the researcher give us some idea of how these artificial humans will look like. Every little detail can be noted and it is quite impressive how the look of these robots is kept so humanly. The artificial human machine will work by gathering information from us (humans) and then according to it's algorithm, it will respond. 

The robots have been programmed very carefully in order to make them a success but it is too early to predict anything because this kind of demonstration is happening for the first time and so we don't know what the outcome will be. Samsung has yet again impressed everyone and their project NEON is the highlight everywhere now days. 

This creation will be demonstrated soon. Let's see what happens. Till then, keep visiting me for more such stories and don't forget to leave your feedback before leaving!

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