Brave Reward Ads and My Experience

Brave browser has gained popularity all across the globe within the past few months. The reason? Well, as you all probably know by now, Brave browser pays you for using it. The Brave Rewards program, which seemed like an unrealistic dream, has actually proved to be very successful!

Brave Ads
 Brave Basic Attention Token (BAT) Logo, marked as public domain, Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been using Brave browser since 2019 and my experience, as far as the browsing is concerned, has been great. The browser provides you an option to surf the web without worrying about the privacy threats. The built-in blocking services are actually very helpful. With Brave browser you can block unwanted ads, scripts, cookies, fingerprinting and also change the website connection to HTTPS automatically every time you visit a website.


But this is not the topic for today so moving on to my experience now, I subscribed to the Brave rewards program a while ago and I’ve been using it regularly since then. I’ve noticed how the system works and today I’m sharing my experience with you all.

What is Brave Rewards?

Basically, Brave Rewards is Brave Browser’s USP. The Brave Rewards program allows users to earn a few cents every hour. Unlike other browsers, Brave browser gives its users the opportunity to convert their free time into a money making source.

When a person downloads Brave browser, they are given the option to create a built-in wallet. That wallet is then used to store BAT which is the short form for Basic Attention Token. As the name says, you are given the opportunity to monetize your attention.

But How?

Well, when you start using the Brave Browser, if you’ve joined the Brave Rewards program, after every few minutes you will be shown an ad notification at the top of your screen. Whenever the user clicks on that notification, an ad is shown and in return they earn BAT.

The user earned BAT is then accumulated in the built-in wallet which can be then donated to other website owners. You can also withdraw it if you want to. 

Brave Ads and My Experience

I’ve been using Brave browser on both, my laptop and my mobile phone but I’ve only enabled Brave Rewards on my smartphone since my smartphone usage is way more than the laptop usage. So the experience I'm sharing today is based on the usage of Brave browser for android.

I enabled Brave Rewards around two weeks ago and I chose to see 5 ads per hour which is the maximum limit allowed by Brave right now. On day one, I used the browser for almost 3 hours and I received 12 ad notifications. Each notification had a decent ad, not spammy at all, in fact, ads of real companies such as hair salons and public television companies.

One thing I noticed was that after some time, the same ads started repeating which of course decreased the overall earning potential. This means that Brave might need to work even harder to attract more advertisers. The ad inventory fill rate is the key to success when we’re talking about a company that pays you for watching ads.

Things changed slightly on day 2. I surfed the web for almost two hours and just received 6 ad notifications. The average of day 1, which was 4 ads per hour, reduced to 3 ads per hour on day 2. This further worsened on day 3 to 2 ads per hour. Since then, I’ve been receiving 1-2 ad notifications per hour on average. 

How Much Did I Earn?

Now comes the part for which most people are reading my post. To be honest, I haven’t earned much through Brave ads right now because I’m still new at the platform but looking at the trend and the estimated earnings, I do expect to earn a decent amount by the end of the month.

Currently I’ve earned almost 8 BAT after watching 60+ ads but this is due to the lower fill rate. An important thing to know is, Brave ads are not available in all countries right now. So you might not see them even if you download the browser and enable the Brave rewards. To see the eligible countries, visit Brave's official website.


To summarize, I’ve read many reviews online claiming that they’ve earned hundreds of dollars through Brave Rewards but in reality things are a little different. The reviews might be authentic but according to my experience and the trend that I’ve noticed, it is not realistic to say that many users will earn hundreds of dollars every month.

You might make a few cents every day and accumulate $15-$30 every month but that too if you’re a heavy user and you get a good fill rate. You might even earn more but that totally depends on Brave and their advertisers. 

Brave Ads Work With a VPN?

This is one important question that most people have been asking me. Well, I have tested different VPNs with Brave browser and the short answer is Yes. Brave ads do work with a VPN but I won’t recommend you to use it. You must wait for it to officially launch in your country to get the best experience.

Moreover, using a VPN to cheat is illegal and might prove to be troublesome for you. To get more information about brave rewards you can simply visit their website or you can post your question on a relevant threat. 

My Opinion

The all new Brave browser has proven to be very successful all around the globe. I personally think it is a great initiative and the introduction of Brave Rewards is something very unique. I don’t recall any other browser that pays you to surf the web. Well, at least right now, there isn’t any other than the Brave browser.

I’m personally very satisfied with its services and I would definitely recommend you to download it and use it daily to maximize the benefits. Plus, it’s a secure browser that protects you from unwanted attention.

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