Live Updates - Coronavirus Pakistan

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Total Cases






Active Cases


*These stats were last updated on May 5, 2020 at 5:30pm. 

Coronavirus Stats by Location:

  1. Capital Territory: 464
  2. Punjab: 8151
  3. KPK: 3288
  4. Kashmir: 71
  5. Sindh: 8189
  6. Balochistan: 1321
  7. GB: 372

The stats provided above are updated every 3 hours. The data is collected via different authentic sources which includes: Hospitals, News Agencies, etc. 


A Brief History

Coronavirus Disease was born in China and this pandemic is still a mystery for the world. The deadly virus affected more than 80,000 people in China and soon it started spreading across the globe. Some researchers claimed that wild animals like Bat and Snakes were the cause of this pandemic. It is interesting to note that China is famous for selling and consuming wild animals. The wet markets of Wuhan were a major source for this virus and after noticing the kind of damage caused by it, China decided to place a temporary ban on all such markets throughout China. 


Since then, the virus has turned into a global pandemic and thousands of people have suffered as a result. Coronavirus has now penetrated Italy, Iran, USA, India, Pakistan and many other countries. The governments are trying their best to take precautionary steps and stop the virus from spreading further but unfortunately, due to lack of facilities in most poor countries, Coronavirus is winning the race. 

The morality rate is currently recorded around 3% but this is the case only if proper health facilities are available and the patients are given an effective treatment. Keep visiting this page for more updates and don't forget to spread awareness among your friends and family! 

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