Covid-19 Survey Form and Current WorldWide Stats

Coronavirus has spread throughout the globe and is not stopping very soon. The epidemic has now consumed millions of people and is threatening to destroy the economic world as well. Covid-19, which began its journey in Wuhan, China is now part of almost every country you can possibly name. The virus has attacked USA, Italy and Spain the most.

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Experts say, the after effects of this epidemic are going to be worse. The economic situation of the world is deteriorating with every passing day and poor, low income countries are suffering the most. It can be seen how damaging the epidemic has proven to be for such countries who are already buried under thick layers of debt and have no other option but to borrow more money from the richer countries.


On the other hand, even the strongest economies like the US economy are collapsing as a result. USA, which seemed to be safe at the beginning, has deteriorated within just a few months where thousands of people are now suffering from Coronavirus.

Same is the case in other countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany etc. The situation is now out of control and looking at the trends, other countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are worried and are thinking of new ways through which they can avoid this deadly scenario.


Leaders of all countries are looking forward to find a permanent solution and scientists are working day and night to stop this villain from taking more lives. If you have any information that you want to share with the world, contact me. Now is the time to work together in order to end this bad chapter once and for all!

Here are the worldwide stats of Covid-19 (April 27, 2020):

Total Cases






*The stats mentioned above are not 100% accurate, however, we make sure to only consider sources that are most authentic and up to date. 

Covid-19 Survey

Following is a survey that was designed to collect data from users all around the globe. Your identity would be kept hidden and the responses might be used as a post on our website in future. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below. 

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