The Man Who Survived Death| Power of Positivity| A True Story

This is a story about a man who changed his life by changing himself. If you don’t believe in destiny, faith and the power of positivity, then this story will definitely change your mind too. And if you do believe then it’s a must read story for you.

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The story began back in 2012 when he was a little boy. Just like all other young men, he was very excited to begin a new session in his favorite school. Not many students like going to school but for this young boy, school was his second home. Why? Because he had so many friends who were just like family, he was respected by all teachers, faculty members and even the guards and he was seen as a role model by many. Life was good, he was happy, his friends were happy and everything was perfect. Little did he know, all this was about to change soon.

By the end of 2012, the boy had met many new people who he soon considered to be his closest friends. As I said, his friends were like family to him. People who he could trust and hangout with. People who were always there for him, no matter what the situation was.


This was the beauty of childhood, no politics, no fakeness, just purity and truth everywhere. If you’re relating to this story right now, then you must be very lucky because every person deserves to live a good student life. It is, however, extremely heart-breaking to notice that as we grow up, the purity within us dies. The simplicity, love and care that we have for each other vanish and instead of maturing, we become unreasonable and selfish.

As years passed by, just like most other people, this boy also faced similar situations and his life changed forever. The best thing about this story is that unlike many other stories, this one has a positive ending. And this is why you should read it till the end.

3 years later, life was not the same for him. As he grew up, the unseen obstacles started piling up in his way. He experienced the first painful push when he had to choose between two people. One was his best friend and the other one was someone who had always supported him and believed in him.

How do you expect that to end? Well, of course, it didn’t end well. As soon as people heard about three friends stuck in a difficult situation, instead of helping them out, they considered gossiping much more important. And just when all this was happening, the enemies disguised as friends whom one can call frenemies decided to take advantage of the situation. The best way to drag him down was to spread misunderstandings and that’s exactly what happened.


The consequence? The boy ended up with one friend and lost the other one. The next 30 days were quite hard for him as he had to face his ex-best friend every single day at school but he had no other option but to pretend like his friend had never existed.

Things became better after a few months and the boy once again found his lost hope. He had always been positive in every situation but it seemed like his positivity was the problem. Maybe if he could see the dark side, he could predict the future but that never happened.

Years passed, it was all history and life was better than ever. It was 2016, he was finally a grown up now. The young man had dreams and goals that he wanted to achieve and he was very determined and confident. In fact, the past 2 years had been great for him. His talents were recognized and he was also rewarded for the hard work he had done in his professional life. Just when everything was moving towards perfection, his life took another turn and the world came crashing down at him.

The man’s health started deteriorating and for the next two years the disease was not diagnosed by any doctor of the country. Some said it was a tumor while others said it was a kidney disease. Some told the boy his liver could fail while others sent him to cancer hospitals to get him checked.

The doctors were unable to reach to a conclusion and for the next 2 years, the boy was tested thousands of times for different diseases and it was just frustrating. Every morning, he had to visit the hospital before going to school and his life was monotonous. Most of the people he knew were no longer close to him since everyone was busy in their own lives. He couldn’t blame them, this is how life is, it changes with time and you can do nothing to stop that change.

He did, however, have some really good friends who were always there for him and were indeed a blessing. By the end of 2016, all doctors had given up. They told the man he had 3 months to live and that he should spend those 3 months enjoying his life. Imagine telling someone he’s dying so he should enjoy what was left. It’s very easy to say that but hearing it is very difficult.

When he first heard about this news, he was speechless. The boy didn’t know how to react. He was numb. His family was worried and they were willing to do anything to save their little boy. A week later, the boy decided to digest what he had heard and do you know what he did?

Instead of crying, instead of getting annoyed, he promised his parents that he would live for them and he would survive even if there was no medicine on planet earth that could save him. He actually started enjoying his life and had a strong faith that one day he would wake up and everything would vanish like a bad nightmare. He was so frustrated but extremely positive at the same time that he argued about what you may have heard before in the following words:

If God wants, he can turn poison into medicine.

It is interesting to note that there are certain medicines designed for heart patients that are actually poison but are used in emergency situations as a cure. Well, the boy didn’t know about this but he had this strong sensation in him that told him that God will cure him one day and so, acting very immaturely, he started eating all those food items that were declared poison for him by the doctors.

Few months later, his condition was as worse as it could get and his family knew he was going to ditch them any day now. The boy, however, still believed that he would survive. Now this is the point where it gets interesting.

A boy who is suffering from a deadly disease that none of his friends know about and doctors have failed to diagnose it and everyone knows his life is ending but the boy believes in the power of unseen and keeps on repeating to himself that he will survive. Even when his condition tells him he can’t. Who won? The boy or his death?

Well, when the young man was close to his end, he decided to end his journey of life on a good note so he messaged the friend that he lost years ago, apologized and told the truth. To his surprise, the reaction of his friend was surprisingly well. The best part was that both of them had realized their mistakes and were fully accepting it.

1 week later, the young man woke up in pain and he knew his end had arrived. He suffered severe internal bleeding for one last time and was taken to the hospital immediately. What happened over there was not expected by anyone.

The doctors ordered the nurses to take blood samples of the boy and send them to the laboratory as quickly as they could. They were looking for answers but had no idea what the question was. The boy was sitting on a chair, smiling like he had accomplished his mission. An hour or two later, the nurse came with the report and guess what? The disease had vanished.

There was no impurity found in his blood and within a few hours of the attack, when everyone thought he wouldn’t make it, the disease had vanished completely. The doctors refused to believe the reports and told the nurse to test him again. And for the second time, all reports came clear. It was like none of it had ever existed.

Everyone was shocked and the boy had experienced the first ever miracle in his life. The boy who was about to die few hours ago was now the most healthy boy present in that hospital ward. For 2 whole years, no doctor could diagnose anything and within minutes, everything had vanished into thin air.

He took no medicines, no safety precautions; only positivity was all he had. And his positivity saved his life. It changed him as a person and he was able to kick the biggest obstacle, death, out of the way. Only by keeping a strong faith in God and focusing on the positive side even in the most negative situation he could ever face.

Moral of the story

Your approach towards life can change everything. The power of positivity can help you make the impossibilities of life, possible. It can change your end result. If you’re facing a hard time in life, don’t focus on the negative side. I know it’s very difficult but if you train your mind, nothing’s impossible. 

The power that you have in you is greater than any visible power that you can see. Life is all about perceiving. You achieve what you perceive. If you spread positive vibes in your surroundings, you get a positive return. Negative vibes only attract darkness and difficulties.

Change the way you think and your life will change too. If that boy can survive such difficult times, so can you. If one can do something, others can too. It depends on how much you try and how willing you are to reach your destination.

Determination, hope and will power can help you unlock all secrets of life!

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