Unfair Reality of a Fair Life| Irony, Fallacies and the Truth

Deep Thoughts
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Drowning in the darkness of night,
We search for a glimpse of light, 
But all we find is goosebumps and fright, 
Pulling us back under the layers of dark night,

We walk, we run, we try to escape,
We're left behind with even more crave, 
And in the end, we're no more, but a slave,
Of our thoughts and desires that trap us in shadows of a cave. 

(By: amtwrites)

What is life? Is it we being born one day and living till the day we die? Is it a journey? A purpose? What is it?

Life to me, is a very interesting concept. When you try to understand it, you lose yourself in the puzzle and you're stuck with a million questions in your mind, most of which have no answer. It gets even more interesting when you start experiencing life. Sometimes it's a peaceful journey with a great view but then suddenly the view changes and you're driving on a bumpy road, under the scorching summer sun. 

Life is full of surprises. You will see bad people prosper and good people suffer, you will see dying heroes and living villains, you will see winning lies and losing truths and you will learn how messed up everything is in the real world. It's not at all like the movies you see, the stories you love. It's, in fact, quite the opposite. 

I've met hundreds of people till now and everyone has a story. A story of success, misery, failure, defeat, love, revenge and what not. Some are good people, other are better. What I found common in stories of all these people is the irony and fallacies that blind us. 

Most of us believe that what is written will happen, destiny will be the guide and it will take us to where we belong, eventually. This is not completely a false belief but how most of us perceive this concept is a fallacy.


Suppose you have to go from Town A to Town B tomorrow. Your faith that the driver will take you to your destination is not questionable but what is questionable is the route through which you reach your destination. You see, even if you believe in destiny, the kind of experience you will have depends on you only. You can go to Town B using a fully developed road or you can just sit back and let your driver decide how comfortable your journey will be. 

The irony is, even when we ourselves are the reason of the bad route, we blame life for it when in reality we knew we were moving towards it. And when we choose the better route, we say how good our life is when in reality, our own decision made it better. 

How Fair is life?

Life happens, even if you're ready for it or not. The impact can be good or bad and you have no other option but to accept it. If we look around us, we will notice that life is quite fair for many and very unfair for others. Some people get what they deserve while others continue to search. Some people are happy, others are sad. Some people enjoy the luxuries of life while others can barely earn enough to feed them twice a day. Some people are 100 and happy while others die before they even get a name. So is life fair or unfair?

I've thought about this question many times before and I haven't been able to find a definite answer for it. So I always say that life is unfairly fair. And I don't just say this because there's no definite answer, this statement itself is a detailed answer when we try to explore it. 

You see, sometimes the sick live for 10 years even when their doctors told them they only had 5 years. Life gave them a fair opportunity to live longer but the thing is, they could've been healthy like other people and may have lived for 15 more years, isn't that unfair? 

Many people find love during school life and then they break up, sometimes without even a valid reason. That's unfair, right? But then years later, they find someone better and they then live happily forever, fair enough?


You see, life is unfairly fair. It gives you a chance and then takes it away to give you another chance when it could've provided you the opportunity to succeed within the first attempt so you wouldn't need any more chances. This is the reality of life, it's fair for some and unfair for others. You can't control it but you can make it better. 

What Should You Do?

The best advice one can give is to avail every opportunity that life brings for you. Sometimes we don't realize what we have and then when we lose it, we're desperate to get it back. That never ends well. If life is giving you a gift in form of friends/family/soulmate/career, avail it before you lose it. Once you lose it, you might never get it back. 

Our problem is that we ignore our long-term success to enjoy the temporary short-term pleasures. The one who can't see what is on the far end can never succeed. Our limited thinking, negative vibes and lack of confidence leads us to failure. 

We wait too long to achieve something just because we're not sure about the outcome and mostly what happens is, we lose that opportunity just because we didn't cherish it when we had the chance. You don't know how long you might live, it can be a day or a 100 years so stop waiting and start acting before it's too late!

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