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Welcome to AMT Writes. This is not just another website. The goal is to provide information that you're looking for. This website is not only for people with a particular interest. AMT Writes is for everyone. From teenagers to senior citizens, everyone will find it helpful and valuable. Here's what you can expect from me:

  • Tips and Tricks to make your life easy. Do you want to keep your smartphone new? Do you want to start a new blog? Well you would definitely want to peak in our tips and tricks section. This section will give you tips on almost anything and some tricks that'll surprise you!
  • Solutions to your problems. Is your smartphone getting slow? Is your YouTube earnings tab frozen? Well here we are to provide you the best possible solutions.
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About the Author

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Blogging is my passion. I've been blogging since 2012. I remember the first website that I made using Wordpress. Back then, I didn't know what blogging actually was but it became the starting point of the journey that is not finished yet. During this time period I developed many websites and it became a challenge for me to reach the top. The most successful websites that were managed by me include Phonosofy and M Spec. These were the two websites that became my source of learning and I soon learned how things worked online. AMT Writes is my latest addition. One day I made an Instagram profile and started posting random pictures with motivational paragraphs and to my surprise it became very successful with a positive response from people around the world. I named that profile, AMT Writes. This website is actually a part of that page. I love to motivate people and show them the positive side. I believe that nothing is impossible if you work hard and cleverly. You only get to live once and so, you should make it special. Depression and anxiety is natural but the important thing is to learn how to quickly overcome it and enjoy every second of your life. This was all from my side, keep visiting me for new updates!

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