How to write a killer blog post and attract more readers

A blog is a house and blog posts are its members. Writing a good blog post is very important if you want to attract more readers. When I first created a blog I didn't know how to write effectively. I managed to publish 30 posts but I wasn't able to attract readers to my blog. That was the moment when I realized how important it was to use the right words in order to attract the right audience. I was getting 50 visitors per day back then but the average time spent on my blog was less than 2 minutes. Bounce rate was high. Visitors were not interacting with me; they were simply exiting the blog without even reading the full story. I then decided to research online and find out the secret that would help me write an awesome blog post. I soon found out the recipe which I'm going to share with you in today's post. 

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To write an effective blog post you must work cleverly. Always remember that your goal is to attract new readers and maintain the interest of your old readers. In short, your goal is to increase the number of loyal visitors. To reach this goal there are some tips that you must follow. Each tip is like a single step that would lead you to the top. 

1. Select a unique topic

The first step is to select a unique topic that your readers would want to read. This is the most important part because the right topic attracts the right audience. Now for example, I'm writing down this post because I know I can attract more readers to it by sharing it on social media and forums. Your topic should provide a solution or some valuable information that people would want to read. Before writing down a post, list down different subjects and make a topic out of each subject. Consider the following example:

a) Subject: Cars.
i) Topic: How to make your car faster?

b) Subject: Blogging.
i) Topic: How to attract more visitors to your blog?

This way you can list down as many subjects as you can and make different topics out of them. After listing down at least 5 topics, choose the one that you think will be the most attractive for your readers. I chose this topic because I know I have followers on different forums who would want to read something related to blogging. It depends on the type of audience you have. 

2. Titles act like magnets!

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Have you ever seen magnets? The way they attract and repel each other? Well, titles are just like magnets. The right one will attract a reader and the wrong one will repel. I've seen hundreds of bloggers who choose attractive topics and write down awesome posts but they still fail. This is because they write down simple, unattractive titles that repel the readers away. I've also seen many bloggers who are not good writers but they still attract more visitors just because of the title. The title is the main part of your blog post that decides whether you will get more readers or not. Titles should be attractive and interesting. You should write the title in such a way that the reader is forced to visit your blog. Never use click-baits, always use the title that best describes what your post is all about but choose the words that would pull visitors towards your blog. Try to choose the titles that have potential to go viral when shared on social media and also make your blog post interesting so that more and more people share your post. 

3. Write down an interesting opening paragraph

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The opening lines of your blog post play a major role in catching attention of the reader. The opening paragraph tells the readers what the post is about and what kind of quality should they expect from you. If the opening paragraph is boring and has grammar mistakes, the reader would simply exit your blog and find your alternative that is providing them more quality. The best way to increase the percentage of returning visitors is to write down an impressive beginning paragraph that excites the reader. You can start by sharing your experience and then create suspense and a twist because of which the reader would want to read your post till the end. You can also share a fact or statistics in the opening paragraph in order to sound more credible. People love to listen to credible personalities. You can ask your readers a question at the beginning that they can relate to themselves or you can write down something funny too. A good title combined with a killer opening paragraph is very important if you want to write and effective blog post and attract more readers. 

4. Post should be specific

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You must target a particular audience if you really want to perform well. A blog post should be specific. It should be about a particular topic and for a particular audience. If you are planning to write down a general post that attracts everyone then you are moving towards the wrong direction. A general post may seem like a good idea but in reality it will only increase the bounce rate. A blog post that is targeted towards a group of people is more likely to be discovered. For example, if I'm writing a post about cars and I write down about Honda Civic and Hotwheel toys together, readers would simply ignore my blog post. Children wouldn't find it interesting and for adults, it won't make any sense. I know this is an extreme example but to make you understand the importance of being specific this was a must. One post must focus on one topic. If you are writing a post about blogging then you must talk about blogging only. This is one of the most important tip that actually makes a huge difference. Always keep this in mind. 

5. Be Practical

Writing down words is easy but proving them is difficult. In order to sound more credible and attract more readers, try to give practical examples or evidence to support you points. Your blog post must be logical and realistic. For example, in this post I've given realistic tips that can actually help you attract more readers. I'm not saying anything that is unrealistic and cannot be achieved in real life. Your goal should be to draw a practical image of your argument and prove that what you're saying is not a lie. In another post related to getting more YouTube video views, I posted a screenshot of my own video that actually got more views. This way I showed my readers that the tips I wrote were not just false promises, they were actually effective and achievable. Whenever you write on a particular topic, mention only those points that you can defend. Your post should show the real image to the readers. 

6. Ask Questions

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The best way to involve your readers is to ask them questions. A blog post that is just saying things is just like a teacher who gives a boring lecture and doesn't allow his students to speak. Allow your readers to participate in your posts. Ask questions and take feedback so that you can know what the readers think about your blog. Ask them topic related questions, experience that they had and suggestions related to the topic. This way the readers will feel welcomed. Don't just ask them questions; try to respond to as much comments as you can. Interacting with your visitors is a great way to strengthen the bond. 

7. Post should have a purpose

The topic that you want to write on should have a purpose. It should be informative and valid. The goal should be to provide relevant information to your readers. Everything should make sense. The best way to know whether your content is useful or not is to question yourself that if you were a visitor, what would have been your feedback. You should write down a post in such a way that the reader finds all the answers. You should be the Google of your readers. This way you will attract more readers and the word of mouth will be in your favor. Next time when you choose a topic, think of the purpose before moving ahead. 

8. Use relevant keywords

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If you want to get discovered by the right audience, use relevant keywords. When you search something on Google, the keywords you type in show you the search results. Whenever you're writing a blog post, use phrases and keywords that you think your audience will use to search for the topic. You can also search for the most popular keywords online and then you can select the title accordingly. Use the main keyword at least five times in your post. Do not use it more than 8 times otherwise your blog may be considered as spam. The right keywords attract the right audience. Another way of selecting popular keywords is to search for the topic on Google and see most common combination of words being used by hundreds of websites. You can then come up with a unique title and a list of keywords that you can use in the post. They are the key to success!


Writing an effective blog post to attract more readers is very easy if you work cleverly and efficiently. It's not just about providing information to your readers, it's about the way you deliver your message. The writing style and the tone you choose. Every single word that you write makes an impact on your readers. The best way to form a good impression is to write professionally. Avoid using slang language and shortcuts. Write down full details of the topic and mention some facts and stats so that you may sound authentic. Focus on popular keywords and interesting titles. Your readers will form an impression about the blog as soon as they read the opening paragraph so make sure it's worth reading. This was all for today. Do leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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