Earn money with Brave Browser - A platform for everyone!

Brave browser is just like Chrome, Firefox and Mozilla browser. It has all the basic functions that a browser should have but there is one feature that makes it very different from all other browsers. With brave browser everyone can make money. Yes, it's true. All you need is an internet connection and creative ideas. Today in this article, I'm going to tell you the ways through which you can earn money using Brave browser. It's fast, simple and brave!

Brave browser - earn money
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Brave browser was founded and created by Brendan Eich who is the co-founder of Mozilla. The browser was developed to provide comfort to the users. There are millions of websites in this world and thousands of them have annoying ads on them. Some have popups while others have pop-under ads which often spread a deadly virus. Brave browser makes sure that every user has access to safe browsing. Brave browser blocks all ads and even tracking. So with brave browser you don't need to worry about being spied or tracked. It's totally private and free!

How to earn with Brave Browser?

Earning money with Brave browser is very easy. Before I move on to the ways through which you can earn, I would first like to mention some basic requirements which are necessary to make money. The first and most important thing is to enable the BAT Internal Wallet. To do this you have to visit the settings tab and turn on this option. As soon as this option is enabled, a dashboard will appear which will show you your current earnings. 


You will also see an option for adding funds to your wallet. If you want to add funds to your wallet you can simply click on "add funds" and a popup will appear with all the available methods through which you can upload funds to the wallet. The best part is that Uphold is supported by Brave browser. It's a PayPal alternative which can be used to send and receive cash from anywhere around the globe.

Earn with Brave Ads

One easy way to earn money through Brave browser is to enable the brave ads in the browser. When you are first going to download this browser, all ads are going to be blocked automatically. You will have the option to enable ads. With brave ads you can earn money just by using the browser. Ads are going to be displayed and the user will get his share of revenue. This is the easiest method to make money with brave browser because you won't have to do anything. The design of the browser is very similar to chrome. Brave browser loads websites 50% faster compared to all other browsers which means that you are going to have a good experience and you are going to earn money too. How awesome is that!

Sign up for a Publisher account and earn!

The second way to earn money with brave browser is the publisher program. Brave browser allows website owners to add their websites to this magical browser after which they earn money without doing anything. This offer is not just limited to website owners. YouTube publishers and Twitchers are also allowed to use this program to make a living. 

To successfully earn with this program the user will first have to create a publisher account on Brave.com. After that the publisher will be allowed to add a property to the browser. The second step is to create an Uphold account in order to receive payments from Brave. These are the only two steps required to earn money through Brave publisher program. 

Whenever users will browse a website on brave browser, the publisher will earn BAT automatically. Once the minimum payment threshold will be reached, all earnings would be sent to the Uphold account which can then be withdrawn by the account holder. It's a good way to earn money. You don't even need to visit your dashboard regularly, everything will be done by the browser itself. The publishers will need to verify the site ownership and that's it!


Brave browser is a free way to earn money by doing nothing. We all visit hundreds of websites every month. Brave browser gives us the option to monetize our visits. In my opinion, brave browser is a source to earn some extra income. Publishers can take advantage of this service by adding their websites or YouTube channels to the browser and then every qualified visitor who visits their website will bring in real cash for them. It's seems so unrealistic but it's the most real thing that exists!

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