5 Tips to gain more followers on Instagram

More than 800 million people are regular users of Instagram. This is not a yearly statistic, believe it or not, this is the per month usage of Instagram around the globe. Instagram is one of the most popular social network used for promotions. 71% businesses in USA use Instagram. 

(Source: Pixabay - Free for commercial use)

Instagram can be used to promote a business or a personal account. In today's post, I'll be giving you some magical tips to grow your Instagram account legally. So lets begin...

1. Use of Hashtags

Using related hashtags is a very effective way to promote your Instagram account for free. According to a study, a post with at least one hashtag is likely to get 12.6% more engagements. Now imagine using more than one hashtag. The idea is not to use as many hashtags as possible. The idea is to use 4-5 post related hashtags that attract more users to your account. I have a page on Instagram where I post motivational stuff. I mostly use the following hashtags:

#Motivationalblog #Nevergiveup #Live #Inspire #Follow

These are some tags that people with similar interests would like to explore. Just by using hashtags, I get around 2-3 new followers daily. But remember one thing, in order to take advantage of the hashtags, your account must be public. Private accounts can also use hashtags but people won't be able to discover them.

2. Use a Business Profile

Business profile option on Instagram is not just for businesses. Anyone can use it. A business profile allows you to use 3 contact buttons on your homepage. Moreover, a business profile give you a detailed report of the activities related to your account. It shows you the percentage of men and women viewing your posts, demographics and locations. This way you can have a better idea of your main target market and you can use this information to post much more relevant posts in the future. Almost 80% Instagram users follow a business page. The reason could be that a business profile looks more credible and professional. So what are you waiting for? Open up your Instagram account and turn on this feature right now!


3. Good Quality Images

This is something very important. A good quality, HD image catches attention quickly. Using images that have a poor quality pushes the visitors away. I know its very difficult to find HD images that are royalty free. What you can do is, create your own images using your smartphone's camera and a photo editing software. If you can not do that, search for images on platforms likes Pixabay that offer you royalty free images. Some images may require attribution to the creator, others may not!


You can also search for images on Google that fall under the creative commons license. If you still want to use a good image that is not royalty free, contact the creator and take a written permission to use that particular image. Quality is always a key to success so don't compromise on the quality. You can use images that are confusing so when a visitor comes across it, he/she would want to read the text written in the description to find out what it really is. The text is then going to be the superpower that you use to attract more visitors. 

4. Never mislead

You may have seen people using click-bait techniques to promote a YouTube video. They get thousands of views but the cost of those views is the decreased loyalty of the followers. Never mislead your followers or anyone when promoting your Instagram account. Show them the real image and they will develop trust in you. Mislead them and they will unfollow you within seconds. 

(Source: Pixabay - Free for commercial use)

Credibility and Trust is very important for building a strong relationship with your followers. People will come back to you only if they know that you are authentic. A liar can attract someone once but there's never a next time for him. So always be realistic, truthful and to-the-point when promoting your account. If you have an Instagram account that is about earning money online, never promote it by saying "Earn $100 in one week - Guaranteed". These are the kinds of captions that attract users once but when they find out the reality, the never come back. 

5. Follow people

Everyone on Instagram likes to be followed. Well not everyone but most people. You follow other people and you get a follow back in return. I had an online store on Instagram, Vivid online. I was having a hard time getting new followers so I decided to search for similar pages and observe how they worked. To my surprise, out of the 7 pages I saw, 5 pages were following more than 7000 people and in return they were having 4500+ followers. When I saw this, I decided to do the same. I followed 300+ users in one week and out of those, 250 followed me back. This technique not only increased my followers, it also promoted my page. In the activities section of the Instagram you can see which pictures your friend liked and the accounts that were recently followed by your friend. This way when people started following me, their followers came to know about my page and they also started following me. My page was getting promoted for free and the profile visits and impressions kept on increasing. So if you want to grow your Instagram account, start following others.


Instagram is very effective for promoting your business. As I mentioned in the beginning, more than 800 million people use Instagram per month and this means that you have a good chance of increasing the conversion rate of your page. There are many spam websites that promise you thousands of followers but they only steal your money and get your account banned. Avoid using any such service. If you really want to spend money, you can use Instagram and Facebook to advertise your work. Only a few dollars and you will reach thousands of real Instagram users within a day or so. It is better than getting fake followers and a lifetime ban. Work hard, work cleverly and work efficiently in order to reach your goals!

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